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A Great Customer Experience

In this short video I’m going to use a prop – a piece of 2×4 oak in fact – to illustrate the importance of customer service. [00:00:16] So, what’s this piece of timber got to do with a customer service experience? Well, last weekend, I had to nip to the timber merchants to buy some…

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Business Exit Plan – Succession Planning

business exit plan succession planning

In this short video, I explore the business exit plan succession planning – the tricky job of finding or developing a replacement for yourself so that you can exit your business and leave it in a good state.  Key factors to getting the most for your business on exit. It follows on from a previous…

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Rapid Business Growth – 3 Flows That Drive Success

rapid business growth title image

In this video you’ll discover 3 flows of rapid business growth – the areas you must focus on to build momentum to grow your business and build your exit value. [00:00:00] Hi I’m Lee Duncan the Double your business coach and in this short video I’m going to show you the three factors that dictate…

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