Business Exit Plan – Succession Planning

business exit plan succession planning

In this short video, I explore the business exit plan succession planning – the tricky job of finding or developing a replacement for yourself so that you can exit your business and leave it in a good state.  Key factors to getting the most for your business on exit. It follows on from a previous…

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Rapid Business Growth – 3 Flows That Drive Success

rapid business growth title image

In this video you’ll discover 3 flows of rapid business growth – the areas you must focus on to build momentum to grow your business and build your exit value. [00:00:00] Hi I’m Lee Duncan the Double your business coach and in this short video I’m going to show you the three factors that dictate…

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The 5 Factors To Increase Your Business Exit Value

How to maximise business exit value image

In this video you’ll discover the 5 key factors that affect your business exit value. [00:00:00] This past week I’ve been talking to a client who’s been really interested in how to increase his business exit value. You see he got into business with the whole goal of being able to sell it at the…

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