Double Your Business

If you want to grow your business, this book will help.  It breaks down business growth into  7 key areas to work on, and gives you a blueprint of actions to take for each one. 

As a #1 best-seller on Amazon, it's got 56 reviews, with 50 of these giving it 5 stars.

Reviewers include business owners, accountants and other business coaches and advisors, who use my book to help their clients.  Buy this book and you're in good company.  Plus you'll get a signed copy when you buy directly from me.

Inside the covers of my book, published by Financial Times, you'll find clear, plain-English descriptions of the key ideas you need to grow your business in all the important areas. 

It was also chosen by WHSmith as their Business Book of The Month when it came out, appearing in the top spot in their stores at airports and railway stations around the country.

It includes 22 blueprints to help you achieve growth.  These are outlined below to give you a taste of how it can help you grow your business...

Double Your Business books in a pile

The 22 Blueprints for Growth Are Grouped Into The 7 Areas of Business...

1. Cultivate Your Habits of Success

Get Your Mojo Back!

Overcome business fatigue and get motivated.

Get Organised & Focused

Be more efficient and get more done every day.

Build Your Support Network

Connect with the right people to help your business grow.

2. Understand Your Accounts to Make More Money

Properly Managed Cash Flow

A practical plan to increase money in the bank and collect from late payers.

Robust Profit Margins

Strong margins make for healthy growth - here's how to do it.

Realistic Sales Forecast & Budget

Plan for growth financially so you don't get tripped up by nasty surprises.

3. Turn Your Employees Into A Gold-Medal Team

One-Page Growth Plan

The antidote to 10-page plans that gather dust.  A simple plan that works.

Right People

Most businesses have some 'wrong people' - this sorts them out and picks winners instead of whiners.

Build A Winning Team

Your staff will only perform at their best when they work together - here's how to build a high-performing team.

4. The Double Your Business Marketing Plan

Lead-Capture Marketing

Get more enquiries and sales, ruthlessly eliminate weak marketing

Make Your Business Stand Out

Use this plan to develop a USP for your business.

Magnetise Your Marketing

Learn how to write adverts that attract buying customers

Top 10 Marketing Channels

Marketing methods that power rapid business growth

A Back-End To Boost Sales

It's cheaper to sell to existing customers than finding new ones - here's how.

5. Create Your Unstoppable Sales Machine

Sales Activity Management

Don't let your salespeople manage themeselves - use this plan and take control of your sales performance.

Create High-Performance Salespeople

If you've never trained your salespeople, watch the difference when you get them to follow this Growth Blueprint.

6. Systems To Make Your Business Work Without You

Stabilise to Eliminate Firefighting

If you spend every day dealing with interruptions, problems and missed deadlines, this plan will fix it fast.

Systemise To Create Your Operations Manual

This blueprint makes your business work without you.  Take more holidays and make your business worth more.

Optimise Your Business For Efficiency

Strip out waste and make more profit with every sale with the Optimisation blueprint.

7. Peak Service To Delight Your Customers

Essential Service for Satisfied Customers

Stop letting customers down and do the job right every time with this simple and easy-to-apply action-plan.

Premium Service Creates Customer Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with service they love.

Peak Service Produces Customer Referrals

Create great stories for your customers to talk about, and you'll have a constant flow of referrals.

What Other People Say About Double Your Business

"An immensely useful book for the owner-manager whose business has plateaued. Both practical and motivational, it brings a clarity to what can all too often become a blur as one becomes absorbed in the day to day running of the business, neglecting the original vision.

My company are owner-managed businesses consultants (accountants by trade) and I am an avid reader of business books. I came across this book whilst looking for assistance with mentoring/coaching clients. With compliance (accounts, VAT and payroll etc...) a market where prices are endlessly driven down by competition, we recognise that we need to be pro-active with both our clients and our own business to maintain profitable lifestyle businesses."

Mr A. Whitbread (Amazon review)


"Great! Puts the positive thinking back into your business. great ideas and tips with the rawness that's needed to put you on track to a bigger and brighter outlook for any business owner."

Mark Colby (Amazon review)


"I wanted something aimed at established small businesses. This was perfect and is full of helpful practical advice. I have a good list of takeaway actions!"

Andrew Pearson (Amazon review)

"As the director of a small business and not having a lot of experience in marketing I wanted a book that could assist me in pushing forward with my business in focused and easy to manage steps.

This book certainly delivers on those fronts, I have found it focused, to the point, easy to understand and the steps, the Growth Blueprints are written in a way that makes them easy to implement and very appropriate to what I want to achieve.

It is very readable and I found the examples of other businesses really helpful and inspiring. It is an exceptional resource, and very motivating.

I haven't read a better book that gives all the relevant information that I need to push forward with my business in a way that is relevant, readable and concise. I would thoroughly recommend it."

Elizabeth Roe (Amazon review)


"Excellent read and full of practical advice that you can start implementing right away.
I read this book a year ago and we went from around £30k/month to £50k/month turnover in a year.
Re-reading again now to reset our target to £100k/month!
Would recommend any small business owner to read it."

Chris Harris (Amazon review)


The Foot In The Door BlueprintTM

How to get meetings with the customers you want, in 3 easy steps.