There is probably no more important question to ask of any business coach than that of past client results. On this page I list some real-world examples of my clients’ results, achieved as a result of working with me. It is not an exhaustive list, as many clients prefer to remain anonymous.


There is no such thing as typical or average results. You have to put the work in. Every business is unique, so the results of coaching for every business are unique, too. The results vary based on your business sector, the issues you face, your own capabilities and latent potential, and the speed with which you put new strategies into action.

Tom McCullough at work in his very successful business, Haydon Bridge Pharmacy

Small High-Street Pharmacy Doubles, Smashes £1m Sales

Haydon Bridge Pharmacy grew from under £600k turnover when I first spoke to owner, Tom McCullough, to far in excess of £1m sales now. The town of Haydon Bridge has just 2,000 people, and the pharmacy is a tiny high-street shop. It’s a remarkable result and shows the commitment and effort that Tom put into growing his business. The most important decision behind this growth was who to target as customers for his business.

Payroll Business Grows From £600k to £2m For Big Exit

Paul Marsden wanted a big payoff so he could secure a very comfortable retirement. He’d be the first to admit he was not a natural entrepreneur, yet through working together he was able to get his business working without him, and growing rapidly. When he received a series of calls from firms wanting to buy his business in 2021, he asked one of them for an extra million. When they said yes, he sold.

Paul Marsden sold Payplus Ltd in 2021 for a several million pounds.
Jamal Shahid is a partner in Airworld Tours, who now trade as Tropical Holidays Direct.

Travel Business Goes From £2.6m to £4.5m in 1 Year & Continues Beyond £10m

Faced with the challenge of replacing their major lead source, we created a new brand with a powerful niche marketing plan for Airworld Tours to bring in new business. This worked so well that they increased sales from £2.6m to over £4.4m in just 12 months. Applying exactly the same strategy they grew to well over £10m within a few years.

From Startup to 18 Million in 7 Years

A client invited me to join startup Greenlight Credit Ltd in 2012. I created the brand name for this lender to enter the highly competitive logbook loans market. Sales grew to £18 million prior to dropping back to £12m during the pandemic. As well as the name and branding, I created the marketing plan and initial marketing execution to get us off to a flying start.  *Disclosure – I am a shareholder in this business.

Business coach should have proof grew from startup to become the UK’s #1 logbook loan company.
Darren Pescod of The Mortgage Broker

Mortgage Broker Grows 5x Over in 3 Years

Small town mortgage broker Richmond House Mortgages & Loans transformed itself from arranging 25-30 mortgages per month to a staggering 150-225 mortgages per month across the UK as The Mortgage Broker Limited in 3 short years. Along the way they secured the runner-up spot in a UK-wide customer service award. Not bad, when you consider the winner was a major high-street Bank. They are one of the featured case-studies in my book, Double Your Business: How To Break Through The Barriers to Higher Growth, Turnover and Profit.

Leaflet Delivery Franchise Grows from 120K to 250K in 11 Months

Trevor Nicholls, the managing director of The Leaflet Delivery Company, shifted his focus onto business growth activities to achieve massive results. Click the link to watch a short video of Trevor talking about his results from coaching

Trevor Nicholls created The Leaflet Deliver Company franchise and sold it so that he could build another business.
Specialising in sash windows was one of the first decisions during coaching

Struggling Joinery Firm Grows To A Cool Million Pound Business

Timbawood are specialists in the repair and replacement of period joinery. When we started working together they had a turnover of £200K. By specialising and sorting out their marketing, with a focus on property in London, they grew to over £1M in just two years.  Their secret was a marketing strategy you can get here.

Call Answering Service Doubles Sales

Chella Heyes was one of my first clients. The founder and owner of Zoom Answer Call, she said “I felt like I had fallen asleep at the wheel when I met Lee.”

Fast forward two years and she had doubled sales and cut her working hours in half.

Chella Heyes
Owner of Zoom Answer Call
Andrew serving up the best steak I’ve ever eaten.

Restaurant Sales Up 66% in 4 Months

Andrew’s first restaurant had too few seats to really fly, but we still managed to grow sales by 66% in just 4 months, leading to doubled sales within a year. The problem was the fixed costs – the rent especially. His dream was to buy a country pub with rooms he could rent out. That became a reality thanks to the performance of The Riverside Restaurant, which creating the momentum to save to buy The Crown at Mickleton. Andrew’s story at The Riverside Restaurant is another one of the case-studies featured in my book from Financial Times Publishing, Double Your Business: How To Break Through The Barriers to Higher Growth, Turnover and Profit.

Property Managers Double Their Turnover…

Director Jonathan Bell receives the award for top letting agent in the North East.  Their business doubled sales in a year and then again the next year.

Munro Estates’ owner Jonathan Bell accepting his award along with a member of his team.
John Carmichael of Superwarm Services, a boiler installations business in Edinburgh.

Heating Company Grows 98% in 6 Months

When John Carmichael’s accountant revealed that his sales were up 98% in 6 short months, he was over the moon.  Read the full story here, adapted from my book, Double Your Business: How To Break Through The Barriers to Higher Growth, Turnover and Profit.