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Paul's Story

"When I first met Lee, I'd come across several business coaches before, but he had a different take on things. I immediately noticed that his marketing knowledge and advice were far deeper and made more sense than anything I'd heard elsewhere.

At the time we were generating around 8 payroll leads per month, and I thought it would be great to double that.

Despite various bumps in the road, with Lee's help and guidance I've now grown that to 120 leads per month - that's an increase of 1,500% - a staggering improvement.

As a direct result of Lee's mentoring and coaching, the payroll business has more than doubled from around £600k to over £1.6 million now and continues to grow rapidly.

That growth has brought other challenges that Lee's insightful business advice and methods have helped us to overcome too.  We have figured out how to recruit talented and motivated staff; we have increased our productivity by 50%, and our margins have improved considerably.

Paul Marsden, Managing Director of Payplus and former Partner at UHY Hacker Young accountants in Letchworth.

Disclaimer: there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same results.

About Lee Duncan

It's said that you can't teach old dogs new tricks, yet age is no barrier to learning new things, taking new actions and getting new results.

I work with people who run B2B businesses that want better results and substantial growth.

My book, Double Your Business, was published in 2012 by Financial Times and was voted WHSmith Business Book Of The Month.  It topped it's category on Amazon UK's best-sellers and has over 50 5-star reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions About Working With Business Coach Lee Duncan

Answers to common questions that you may find helpful.

Coaching, Mentoring, ConsultingReal-World Descriptions and Definitions
Business CoachWill grow your potential and business abilities so that you can grow your business. A business coach stretches you to reach your own potential. The best business coaches, like Lee, will help you to recognise, develop and use your natural talents and strengths to build your business your way.
Business ConsultantBusiness consultants bring specific expertise to your business. A great business consultant will bring not only expertise but a toolkit of blueprints, templates and guides to help you to quickly make changes that get immediate results.
Business MentorOften used to describe coaching, technically the difference is that a mentor offers guidance based on his/her own experience. This is useful especially in tackling people management issues, but could also be limiting if the mentor’s personal strengths and methods of work are a poor match to yours. Mentoring is all about sharing experience. There's definitely value and a place for this, but it's not a comprehensive approach that assures results.
Practically SpeakingA flexible approach is more useful than any single pure approach. Direct advice can be the shortest path to success in many situation, while coaching can help you overcome internal hurdles, clarify your goals and options, and eliminate doubts and fears. This flexible combination of mentoring, coaching and a powerful system of training and blueprints for getting things done ensures that Double Your Business clients achieve remarkable results.

What is a business coach, what does a business coach do?

Your business potential is limited by your knowledge, thinking, skills and actions.  The best business coach for you will stretch your performance as a leader for your business.

A great business coach uses a combination of business, psychology and methodology to help you grow and achieve your goals and perhaps more importantly, your untapped potential.

Why Hire a Business Coach?

Everybody will have their own personal reasons for wanting help with their business.  Some common reasons include...

  • It can be lonely at the top, so your coach is that clear-thinking, business-expert friend who you can discuss decisions and ideas with. 
  • You feel that you're not operating to your full potential, that somehow you want to unlock more performance from yourself and therefore achieve more in business.
  • Your business is stuck and you're determined to grow it far beyond where it already is.
  • You believe your business could grow into something really special and you want some help to get it there.

How can a business coach help me?

Very few people give much thought to their business goals.  I believe that winning in business comes down to your own mix of three key goals.

Income.  It’s the right of every business owner to make a great living.

Freedom.  Financial success is no fun if you have no time to enjoy it, so once you’ve built your business, you shouldn’t have to work as many hours as your staff.

Asset.  Have some idea that you might like to sell your business at the end?  Your business can be a legacy to hand over to the next generation.  It can be a saleable asset that gives you a sizeable pension.  Or it can be the financial power behind your own charity.  My clients have done all of these things.

The future of your business starts with clarity about your goals.  This turns into a plan, which in turn becomes the action that transforms your business.  This is what business coaching can do for you, as it has done for so many before you.

Will Business Coaching Work For Me?

It's a mistake to think of a business coach as somebody who works for you, like hired help.

The role of your coach is similar to that of a sports coach - pushing you to perform at your personal best.  You are not competing with anybody except yourself, so improving your own performance is the only way to break out of the habits and patterns that hold you back.  You will develop new skills, new habits and reach new heights of personal performance with Lee as your coach.

Can A Coach Help My Sort Of Business?

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, whether you’re an accountant or a lawyer, a mortgage broker or a hospitality business, an advertising agency or a travel agent, provide property management or build houses as part of the construction industry.  Everybody running a small business benefits from a coach. 

In Questions To Ask A Business Coach, you'll find valuable insights to what makes a coach worth hiring and what might make a coach worth avoiding, too.  The secret is really that you're the expert in your business discipline - while the double your business coach is your expert at making a business grow.  Together, we'll be unstoppable!

At the heart of Double Your Business Coaching are the three common elements or the ‘DNA’,  of your business.  Every business, no matter the type, has the same underlying DNA and the owner has the same goal - to win - measured in terms of your income, your freedom and the legacy or asset you create.

I created The Double Your Business coaching programme to give structure to business growth.  From the Cash-Map process for setting clear financial goals and a roadmap to get there, to the Gladiator Marketing Plan that builds a lead generation system to drive rapid growth.

What can a business coach help with?

Your business will experience problems of three main types.

  1. Problems with getting the work done in a reasonable time, including staff problems and operational issues, are when your business is Flat-Out.  
  2. Problems getting and keeping customers will stop your business from growing and leave you with a Flat-Line business. 
  3. Financial problems, such as weak cash flow, poor profitability or a lack of working capital can make your business feel Flat-Broke. 

The Double Your Business Coach has systems to solve all of these problems.

Why You Need A Business Coach

Coaching can be exactly what you need for a wide range of circumstances.  Chief among these are the following…

1. Your business is going backwards and you don’t know how to reverse the decline.

2. Your business has got stuck on a plateau - a Flat-Line - and you want to bring in more customers and move into rapid growth.

3. Your business is growing and you want to make it grow faster.

4. You want to talk at a strategic level about your business, to have somebody who will encourage, challenge and help you to work at your highest ability.

5. You have one or more business problems and want some help to quickly fix these problems and build your confidence and abilities as a business owner.

How to find a business coach?

If you’re looking to grow yourself and your business to the next level, you’re in exactly the right place, right now!  

My clients' results speak for themselves, with many clients having grown businesses from hundreds of thousands into the millions and countless businesses that have doubled their sales and profits.

If you want to get started growing your business right away, book yourself a Rapid Growth Session in my calendar and we can map out your financial targets, what needs to change to achieve them, and the first steps towards getting there.

Is Business Coaching Worth It?

If you are committed to growing your business and serious about making change, you will find that coaching increases your velocity so that you travel further and get there faster than if you go it alone.

Only 2% of all businesses have a turnover of £1 million or more - the rest get stuck or lost a long time before they reach their original goals.

While you may have different profit, income, free time and long-term goals, you will be in good company joining my clients on an accelerated journey to greater success.

Take a look at my business coaching client case-studies if you’d like to learn more.

Are You A Business Life Coach?

A business coach is different to a life coach, although many life coaches tack 'business coach' onto their description because they're trying to cast a wider net to capture clients.

If you are looking for business growth, you don't need to find somebody who will talk about your childhood, your spirit-animal, your star-signs or your chakras!

Instead, seek out somebody with methods and know-how to make you a better entrepreneur.  You want to...

  • Be great at marketing, because that brings you all the leads you can handle
  • Be great at selling, because that converts the leads into customers that give you the money to create profitable growth.
  • Be confident with your business numbers, so that you have full financial control with strong cash flow and margins
  • Be the leader your team needs to motivate, inspire and drive them to their highest performance
  • The clear-thinker that takes the right decisions today that will grow your business tomorrow.

If that sounds good, maybe we should talk?  You can book a slot in my calendar here.


The Foot In The Door BlueprintTM

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