Business coach & marketing advisor

Uncovering The Secrets of Business Growth

Business coach & marketing advisor

Uncovering The Secrets of Business Growth

Are you sitting on…

Untapped Business Potential?

Do you ever get the feeling that your business could be doing more?

A kind of frustration that your business is getting a bit bogged down, or maybe even stuck altogether? When you know it could grow faster, give you far more profit and – to be quite honest – become the business you always wanted?

I believe that practically every business has a lot more opportunity locked inside, waiting to be set free.

I specialise in helping businesses to unlock this hidden potential. Since coaching my first small business client in 2004, I’ve studied exactly what makes businesses grow, and what causes them to get stuck. Growth is not a matter of luck or opportunity.

Growth is the result of clear thinking, a good business strategy and great execution.

Business coach sees potential
Every business has more potential inside.
Faster growth starts with

More Sales…

Great sales and marketing drives fast growth

Most businesses get stuck with sales growth. To get more leads, enquiries and sales, you must put your products and services in front of the right people. To get the ball rolling, ask yourself one simple question…

Are you after thousands of potential customers, or are you after just a few, but with deeper pockets?

If it’s just a few, you have to go ‘big game hunting’ to get in front of them. If they’re not looking for you, forget about websites or social media. You need to identify these people by name, and then find a way to reach them.

On the other hand, if you have thousands or more potential customers, you can use Internet marketing or other mass media to go attract them in big numbers. With the right strategies you can get 10’s, 100’s or even 1,000’s of leads every month from it.

Every business will run into a few

Barriers To Growth…

From time to time, your business will come up against roadblocks.

Some of these are easy enough to pass, but others can stop you dead in your tracks. Whether it’s staff issues, weak finances, too many sales to a single customer or something else. When you hit these situations, your business gets bogged down or completely stuck.

These problems are Barriers To Growth. They are the reason that most businesses will never reach £1m turnover.

Around 1 in 1000 businesses will push right through into 7 figures, then hit a roadblock around £2-3m. What you know will only get you so far. What gets you beyond is doing something new.

When you come up against a barrier, you must tear it down with different thinking.

Problems are inevitable.
How to attach rockets

To Your Business…

I study my client businesses to understand what makes them tick.

Of special interest are the ones who add around £1m+ within a year or two. These are often businesses that start out with sales at £350k-£600k. Adding £1m is huge growth for them.

They are hyper-growth businesses.

The owners do a few things differently compared to typical businesses. They have 7 seven habits that help them to increase sales faster than their competitors and become market leaders. I teach these habits to my clients.

Work with me if you want to..

  • Create marketing and sales for faster growth
  • Build your business as a valuable asset when you exit
  • Improve cash flow and profit with strong financial control
  • Become a more capable entrepreneur and manager
  • Add rocket boosters!
Hang on tight when things take off.

*Please note, while these are real-life examples of results achieved by client businesses, your business is unique and you cannot assume you will achieve the same results as these. These people worked very hard, had businesses in specific situations and employed the strategies relentlessly.

What to do next…

The best place to start is with my free book, 101 Tactics To Get More Customers, Sales & Profit.

It’s full of practical ideas that I’ve used with clients to help them grow. If you need ideas, you will find lots inside this book.

You don’t need to read it from front to back, either. Just skim quickly through in 10 minutes. You’ll find loads of ideas you can apply right away to improve your profits and sales.

Just a 10-minute sitting will leave you brimming with ideas to increase your sales.

I encourage you to get the book now by clicking here.

And just in case you’re wondering why I give this away for free? My biggest reason is that my parents ran businesses and didn’t always make life easy for themselves! This would have made a big difference to them. I hope it makes a difference for you.

And of course, it introduces you to my work, which may result in us working together at some point, too.

My book is free. You’ll find it’s full of great ideas. I recommend you download it now.

What If You’re In A Hurry And Need Some Input Right Away?

If you are looking for help now, we can start with a short chat to make sure I’m a good fit for you.

Click the button below to get in touch and we can arrange a time to talk.

A business coach for entrepreneurs works closely with you to help you to achieve more in business through a variety of methods, including coaching, training and advice. Business coaching is a process to close the gap between your business performance now and it’s bigger potential. In this section, you’ll find answers to a lot of common questions about working with me.

Because the focus is to develop your business, you want to choose somebody who knows business, who can help you to solve common (and not-so-common) problems, develop better strategies and provide you with systems to improve your business that can be quickly installed to make a difference to your results. This is on top of the personal development you will inevitably experience when working with a business and life coach.

There’s a lot of confusion about the subtly different roles of mentors, coaches, consultants and life coaches. I’ve drawn a simple diagram to try to help with this…


Diagram showing the difference between a business coach, mentor, consultant and life coach?

In all practical terms, you want to hire a business coach, mentor or consultant who can help you move your business forward the fastest. That’s always my goal, and I find it fits well with the clients I have, too.

Business coaching is based on the premise that you have untapped talents and abilities, and that unlocking these capabilities will give you better results.

An effective business coaching programme will increase your motivation and performance…

  • By identifying your personal goals and helping you to set business goals to reach that align with them
  • Increase your productivity with better focus, action plans and accountability for getting things done
  • Increase sales with the introduction of smarter marketing and sales methods to help you ‘feed the beast’ and grow revenues
  • Give you greater financial control so that you make more money and keep a tight grip on cash flow
  • Introduce and teach you new ways of thinking and working to overcome the issues that undermine your business performance and slow down growth
business coach overview diagram

The goal is to help you to win at business.

But what do we mean by winning at business?  Well, the truth of business ownership, as I’m sure you’re aware, is not quite what employees think it is. Business owners take more risks, have no HR protection, work more hours and take fewer holidays than employees.  Most also earn less than the national average salary of around £30,000.

To be successful, you have to operate at the right level in your business at the right time. This diagram shows the 3 different levels…

what is business coaching - three levels of work
You can buy staff to do the bottom two levels for you, as you grow. But for the third level, it’s all about you as an entrepreneur.

Business is difficult. With so many different aspects to it – like marketing, sales, financial management, strategic planning, operational management, people skills, and so on, it’s no wonder that only 2% of businesses manage to break through beyond the £1m level. (Source: Office For National Statistics business data.)

The single biggest differentiator between fast-growth businesses and their average competition is the quality of leadership.

Leadership transforms businesses. But many business owners get caught up in the idea that ‘somebody has to do the work’. And yes, they do.

In just the same way that you can’t do everything yourself, Sir Richard Branson can’t fly all of his aeroplanes at the same time, answer the phones and deal with every customer enquiry.

In order to scale-up your business, you have to take on a different set of responsibilities. You do a different type of work in order to become a better business leader.

This doesn’t come naturally to most business owners, so business coaching is an effective, proven way to help you close the gap to become a more effective leader for your business.

If I was in your shoes and trying to pick a small business coach for myself, I’d look for a few key things…

qjuestions to ask before hiring a business coach

I wrote a longer article about some questions to ask a business coach before hiring. I’d suggest that you put them into these 4 categories…

  • Experience. There are plenty of coaches around these days. Find somebody with experience of helping other businesses to achieve the goals you want to achieve.
  • Method. Do they have a clear method they follow, with tools, training and/or deep expertise of their own? Does their method suit you, or is it a poor fit for who you are? Somebody who hates the phone won’t enjoy cold-calling. Somebody who hates the computer won’t be a good fit with an online coach.
  • Personality fit. There are some coaches who operate like sergeant majors. They push, prod and maybe even shout to get you doing things. That’s great if you respond well to being shouted at. There are others, like me, who prefer to get into your personal motivations so that your inner drive gets you to finish things, rather than the threat of being shouted at.
  • Proof. Have they got some clients who’re willing to talk to you, just in case you’re not entirely convinced?

Also, I’d be less interested in certificates from courses on coaching than I would be about client results. Anybody can take a class and become a certified business coach – but that just means they have a piece of paper saying they’ve passed a course. Delve deeper, it’s a serious commitment and deserves due consideration.

An effective coaching program follows a well-defined process. The diagram below gives you a flavour for the way I work…

how business coaching works diagram

The best way to measure the impact is to look at the numbers. The bottom line reported by a study into the effectiveness of business coaching at a Fortune 500 firm found a return on investment of 529%. That means for every £100 spent, the business made at least £529 more profit. A Fortune 500 firm is a huge business, of course, with managers being coached rather than the owners of small businesses.

In a small business environment, where there is lots of scope for growth and outpacing the competition, it’s not unusual to see returns reach or even exceed 10x the investment in the business coaching programme.

return on investment ROI from business coaching?
Small business returns on coaching can be as high as 10x or more the investment.