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In this video you’ll discover 3 flows of rapid business growth – the areas you must focus on to build momentum to grow your business and build your exit value.

[00:00:00] Hi I’m Lee Duncan the Double your business coach and in this short video I’m going to show you the three factors that dictate the speed of growth and whether or not your business will be able to grow no matter what you try and do with it. Hang tight and I’ll see you in just a moment.

[00:00:20] So I promised to give you the three factors that will dictate the rate at which your business can grow. And they’re really really simple. I think you’ll like this.

Rapid Growth Flow 1: Money Flow

[00:00:29] First up we’ve got something we call money flow. Okay. And money flow is how money moves through your business – not just cash flow but also the profitability of your business.

So for every hundred pounds that you sell how much of that do you get to keep and take home with you.

Rapid Growth Flow 2: Sales Flow

[00:00:50] The next thing is your customer flow – your sales flow. And sales flow is your ability to bring on new customers and make more sales to existing customers.

And every business that is into growth obviously has a strong capability in sales flow to bring in new customers and to, well, keep growing essentially.

Rapid Growth Flow 3: Work Flow

[00:01:18] And finally we’ve got the workflow. Now work flow very simply is the efficiency and effectiveness with which you get the work done.

A business that takes two days to do something that another business does in one day will make a lot more profit. And so if your business is inefficient you’ll find your competitors will be able to sell product or service for less money than you or they’ll be able to make a heck of a lot more profit than you.

And this is crucial for a rapidly growing business because the more efficiently you can work the more work you can get through and therefore the higher your capacity the less people you have to take on to do a certain level of turnover.

[00:02:03] So these three things are absolutely crucial. And what I see in a lot of businesses is a massive focus on to the sales flow alone.

And the problem with having a single minded focus on sales flow is that chaos starts to rain pretty quickly in your work flow because if you are making sales really rapidly but struggling to cope with them then you end up working crazy long nights, weekends never taking holidays and things frankly falling apart when you’re not there and it’s a complete disaster.

So when you are growing your business you need to pay equal attention to each of these three areas.

Will Your Money Flow Support Rapid Business Growth?

[00:02:42] Money flow which I’ve not really touched on any depth is a big problem when you start to grow and scale and take on maybe extra layers of management, or need new equipment to handle higher volumes, because you can find that all of a sudden your profitability falls through the floor, because you simply haven’t designed your business to be able to scale properly.

[00:03:07] So you need a scalable model and also you need to have one eye to the future and your exit plan and how much money will come out of the business when you sell.

[00:03:16] So for a growing business focus on these three things: money flow, sales flow. workflow and it’ll make a tremendous difference simplifying the way you think about your business and allowing you to focus on the area that’s most holding you back. Your biggest barrier to growth in Double Your Business speak.

[00:03:35] Okay. Comment below and let me know which one of these three areas is your biggest focus right now.  If you’re striving for rapid business growth, clarity on your priorities is essential…