Too often, marketing is about image and has nothing to say about the product itself.  It is trying to position the product in some way to catch the eye of a trendy few.  The trouble is, when the trend passes, so does demand for the product.  You can learn from what the "big boys" do in marketing too.

With their huge marketing budgets, you would think that Coca Cola would create flashy adverts.  Yet the new TV advert from Coca Cola takes a very straightforward approach to their product – they simply tell you the history of Coca-Cola, giving plenty of time for you to absorb the story. 

It’s an advert that harks back to a different age of advertising, yet it doesn’t seem dated or old fashioned because it relies on the solid idea of educating the consumer about the product.  Take a look at the ad and let me know what you think…




It uses the age-old tested formula of a product feature –

     "He chose the best spices from around the world to create his secret formula"

followed by the benefit

    "The result: unique great taste and refreshment."

all in a wonderfully rich, deep voice that sounds a bit like Morgan Freeman.  Brilliant!

Another big company that has created ads that impress me is Marks & Spencer for their food line.  Everybody knows the line, "Not just food, this is M&S food", because the adverts portray a sophisticated, high quality product that is desirable.  Your mouth waters as you watch these adverts and I know several of my clients love the quality of these great food ads.

Here’s a 2006 Christmas food video from M&S – my mouth is watering as I type this because I’ve not had breakfast yet!





What key lessons can you learn from these adverts?

  • Keep it factual, about your product
  • State the feature of your product and then explain the benefit to the customer
  • The words matter – take your time with the script – don’t rush your copy
  • The pictures sell too – the M&S food ad literally makes my mouth water

If you need help with writing copy for your ads, Business Coach Lee Duncan will be happy to help…

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