Marketing plans don’t need to be complicated.  Here’s a simple 5 step marketing plan that you can use to great effect to get the ball rolling…

  1. Build a database of customers – capture their details on a feedback card, or by running a prize draw once a month
  2. Communicate regularly to your customers – it costs a lot more to win a new customer than it does to make more sales to past customers.  Send emails, SMS messages, cards
  3. Create a strong USP for your brand – what is the differentiator that should mean customers come to you and not your competitors?  Write it in plain, bold words and use it everywhere
  4. Keep score – measure how many leads you get from every different marketing source you use – Yellow Pages, Internet, telemarketing, customer referrals, newsletters, etc.  If you don’t know how well it’s working, you don’t know what to do more of and what to drop like a hot coal
  5. Networking – people buy from people, so put yourself out there amongst others who might be interested in your products and services.  Plan to attend a business networking meeting every week or two.

These steps are very simple and powerful, yet most companies aren’t doing them all.  Are you?  How much difference could it make to your bottom line within a month or two?

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