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The big unspoken challenge for most small businesses is attracting new customers.

Successful advertising seems to be a dark art that most entrepreneurs struggle to understand or master.

If you want to generate more leads for your business, sell to more customers and make more profit than you are now, you will find this report has answers that you need.

It contains a unique marketing plan that has produced exceptional results for businesses of all kinds.

Inside you will learn the story of one such business, Timbawood Limited, a cash-strapped joinery firm.

Timbawood grew from a turnover of just £200,000 to over £1 Million in two years.

That’s more than doubling their turnover for two years running.

Who Wrote This Report?
Image of Double Your Business by Lee Duncan
Lee Duncan’s book, Double Your Business, from Financial Times Publishing

Lee Duncan is the author of the Financial Times Publishing book, “Double Your Business: How to Break Through the Barriers to Higher Growth, Turnover and Profit”.

Lee Duncan’s business advice and client successes have been featured in local and national press, including the highly regarded Management Today magazine.

As well as experiencing substantial growth, his clients have become winners and finalists in countless business awards across the UK, including the National Customer Service Awards, Best Property Managers, Best Small Restaurant, Best Small Business and so on.

What You Will Learn When You Read It…

This report guides you through a simple five-step marketing plan that has produced real-world results for almost every kind of business.

It is based on the experiences learned through working as a professional advisor to over 150 companies in such diverse sectors as financial services, retail, Internet marketing, leaflet delivery, clothing manufacture and restaurants.

When applied to your business and fine-tuned to operate effectively for you, it can generate a reliable, solid flow of enquiries and sales to provide your business with the foundations for sustained growth.

What You Will Find Inside This Free Marketing Plan…

As well as the story of how Timbawood grew to over £1 Million turnover, you will discover the five steps to reproduce this for your own business.

  • Why entrepreneurs who understand marketing always select a target market before they start to advertise, and how you can do this for your business to drive bigger results with smaller advertising bills [see Pages 3-4]
  • How to use the A.I.D.A. formula to write “magnetic adverts” to increase response, making people want to call you.  You can use this formula for writing on your website, in letters and even magazine adverts and leaflets [Pages 5-6]
  • Three of the most universally effective marketing channels you can employ to reach your target market, based on real life experience [pages 7-8]
  • How to build a follow-up process so that you keep in touch with the people who enquire but don’t buy – this step alone has doubled the enquiries for many businesses [Page 9]
  • How to ethically encourage your customers to spend more when they buy, by offering them a wider range of options – plus how to come up with ideas if you can’t think of anything else to sell [Page 10]
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Please note that while the report describes a practical and effective marketing plan, every business is unique and some steps may need to be altered to fit properly with your own business.  While TimbAwood and many other clients have experienced similar results, if you don’t implement all of the steps, or you use them incorrectly, there are no guarantees it will produce the results you desire.