Business Coaching Services

Why Hire A Business Coach?

In the same way that a personal trainer helps you to get fit, my business coaching helps you to grow your business.  Because I have worked with many businesses and helped them to achieve remarkable growth and overcome many obstacles along the way, I bring a real breadth and depth of knowledge about business success that you can tap into.

But more than that, I also become the honest, straight-to-the-point friend who will tell you when to press the accelerator, and when to hit the brakes.  I will encourage and motivate you, and I’ll also challenge you to perform to your highest potential.

If you had me to stretch you to your true capabilities, how much could you achieve in your business?

How Does Business Coaching Work?

We start out by understanding your goals and taking an honest appraisal of where your business is right now.  After we’ve done that we develop a strategy to grow your business.

I will always prefer a simple strategy to a complex one – the most successful of my clients have always achieved their growth through straightforward methods.  Sometimes the implementation of these methods can be sophisticated (Search Engine Optimisation, for example, is a method used by one client to explosive results), but the strategy itself is straightforward.

Our goal is always to find the fastest route from where you are now to where you want to be.  On the way you will experience often massive personal growth in order to move your business to another level.

Why Does Business Coaching Work?

Business coaching works in the same way that eating well and visiting a personal trainer several times a week works to change your body.  By continually developing your business, week after week, you improve it incrementally until it is transformed from where it is now.  You can see this from some of the business coaching case studies from my clients.

What Is The Difference Between A Business Coach and Business Mentor?

A business coach will stretch you and help you to achieve your goals your own way.  A business mentor is usually somebody who has achieved something personally and will try to get you to follow the same things they did.  I’m not convinced that a mentor is a great choice, unless you find somebody just like you.

You see, we each have our unique strengths and weaknesses.  While a mentor may try to get you to turn a weakness into a strength, I’d rather focus on your strengths and find a strategy that will work more easily for you, personally.  There are lots of ways to pursue success, we need to find the right one for you.

For example, a strong salesperson as a mentor would direct you to pick the phone up and make lots of cold calls, or to visit hundreds of customers in person, and so on.  It worked for them, after all.

But if you have a flair for details, then perhaps some Internet marketing might be better.  Or a strength in organising and orchestrating other people, then building a strong team to support the growth might be your fastest route.

Ultimately, I believe that you are far better served to play to discover and play to your own strengths, instead of trying to become a clone of somebody else.

Of course, there are skills and techniques you must learn, regardless of the path you follow.  It’s no use building a business that cannot make profit.  Understanding a little about your finances is crucial to your success.

So along with building on your personal strengths, we’ll also be filling in any gaps in your knowledge that are holding back your success.

How Much Does Business Coaching Cost?

I currently offer bespoke, tailored coaching engagements to owner/managers of businesses.  Prices are quoted on an individual basis depending upon your needs and the level of engagement.

Is There A Minimum Term For Your Business Coaching Services?

I do not engage in long-term contracts to tie you into coaching.  I believe in creating a partnership with you that has long-term value for us both.  I do, however, ask that you initially commit for a minimum of three months so that we have time to create something and deliver some early results for you.

Kick-Start Your Success With A Strategic Planning Consultation

Some clients want to spend a full day together with me at the start of a coaching relationship, or to tackle a single specific issue together.  Typically used to…

  • Resolve disagreements and problems between business partners and directors. You may have difficulty working with family members in a family business, or there may be a partner who is less committed to the business than you are.
  • Introduce strategies to increase margins and improve cash flow. Too often the financial side of your business gets left to your accountant and you have no idea how well the business is really doing. Many clients have been surprised by how much cash flow improves and profit increases when you get a proper understanding and control of your finances.
  • Develop a results-orientated marketing plan. There’s no value in “just getting your name out there”, you need people to be making a beeline for your door (or website). My unique approach focuses on lead generation marketing using practical, advanced marketing methods that your competitors are not using.

In one example of this type of consultation, I helped a security firm get to grips with their projects.  I showed them, by digging through their own numbers, that 50% of their projects were losing money.

By the end of the day we had developed a system to control and measure their projects.  We also found out that 50% of jobs needed a second visit.

In another consultation, I helped a manufacturing business (Watson Gym Equipment) to identify opportunities to improve productivity.  Over the next 4 months we worked together to deliver these and achieved 60-70% increase in capacity, unleashing massive growth for the business.

In a third example, two directors of a business had no defined responsibilities.  As a result they were constantly “putting out the fires” caused by things falling through the cracks.  The week after their consultation, they gave me a call to tell me how they felt “energised and really motivated, with really clear lines of responsibility.  In fact, we’re really getting stuck in to doing things that needed sorting out ages ago.”

The Double Your Business Coaching Programme

This is my flagship service for those people in business who know that they have a lot more potential than they are currently achieving.  It’s perfect for ambitious individuals with a passion for success.  It is based on some of the ideas in my best-selling book, Double Your Business, along with specific strategies and techniques only shared with my clients.

You get access to the Client Portal, which contains a growing library of business growth strategies, templates, advice and training so that you can get on with growing your business with the right information at your fingertips.

In addition there are regular trainings to help you increase profitability, cash flow, the exit value of your business, the capacity and productivity of your business and of course to attract and sell lots more.

It’s all geared to help you achieve your full potential.

Many clients are happy to achieve a modest 25-30% growth, while ambitious entrepreneurs set more demanding goals for themselves.  I have helped many clients to increase sales by double or more, hence writing my book, Double Your Business, for Financial Times Publishing.The secret of my coaching programme is that it is all about your goals and not mine.  Together we set clear and demanding goals, then I support you with coaching, business strategies and the knowledge of having done this many times before to help you achieve it.

If I think you are avoiding doing something important, I tell you.  By mastering the uncomfortable areas of your business,  you become stronger and your business becomes far more fun than ever.

As your business coach I will diagnose your Barrier to Growth to identify what’s holding you back, then help you to eliminate the barrier and get back into rapid growth.

Marketing Coaching Service

The single biggest issue that holds 80% of small businesses back is lead generation.

If you base your approach to marketing is on what you see your competitors doing, or on what multi-billion giants like Coca Cola do, you’ll not get results (you don’t have deep enough pockets!).

Having studied with some of the very best marketers in the world, I will teach you a practical, common-sense and highly effective way to generate leads for your business.

Using this strategy, my clients have achieved staggering results and it is this unique method that is a large part of what differentiates my coaching from that of my contemporaries.  I will show you the specific method to build a lead generation engine for your business that will produce a reliable flow of leads and sales for you.

Please note: I take great personal pride in my reputation for results.  I choose to work with the owner, managing director or a partner in your organisation for marketing because this ensures the highest levels of engagement in both content and delivery.

This rule is very rarely broken and you will need a clear reason, not just your lack of time or interest, to persuade me otherwise.

Lead generation is the single biggest hurdle for most businesses and experience has shown me that if you delegate total responsibility to somebody else for this essential role, you are probably not paying enough attention to the details of marketing to make our relationship (or your marketing) work well.

Get In Touch Now…

Too many people daydream about success, while just a few are willing to invest the effort and overcome inertia to make it happen.

If you want to make things happen, request a  strategy session right away to will arrange a convenient time for us to talk about working together to grow your business.


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