On Monday this week, I was chatting to Julie, my wife, about how the first piece of advice I ever give about improving lead generation into a business is about getting the core marketing sorted out.
I even went to bed with the phrase “core marketing” bouncing around inside my skull, because I had a nagging feeling that this was more important than just setting up a customer database or creating a USP, until…
5.30 a.m. on Tuesday morning, when I should have been fast asleep, I woke with a grin on my face, realising that my brain had worked away in the background and laid bare what “core marketing” is all about.
I’ve been doing it for years, ever since I started helping my client businesses to grow.  But I didn’t quite know how I was doing it.  Now I’ve unravelled the code, so that anybody can understand it.
There are just 5 things you need to do in marketing.  Miss any one of these and your business is like a car with a missing wheel – it will just not deliver on its full potential.  Get them all in place and finely tuned, you’ve got a world-beating F1 car!
I’m so excited that I want to share this with you personally…
I’m about to organise my first ever free teleseminar for you to hear this first hand from me.
You’ll discover the 5 mistakes that businesses make with marketing – and be able to diagnose your own marketing instantly, to know where to focus for the most bang-per-buck.


Due to the timing so close to Christmas, I will be delivering the teleseminar in the New Year.