They need my free marketing plan template!
There are far smarter ways to find new business than just getting your name out there

When you look online for a free marketing plan template, you’re likely to come across mostly big complicated things designed for corporates to spend months developing a £ multi-million strategy.

That’s no good for you or me.

Because you run your own business, you need something practical that will produce results.

You want something that’s easy to understand, that is fast to put into practice and that you can rely upon to produce new leads for your business.

Easier said than done, huh?  So, without further ado…

The Core Marketing Plan Template

Which is precisely why I created the One Page Core Marketing Plan Template you can download from this page.  It will give you a simple series of steps to help you produce incredible results.

Marketing has been too complicated for too long.  In the past month, one of my clients, a small removals business, increased their sales by 60% in one month by taking massive action using the first three steps of the plan.

Meanwhile a £1M turnover company that sells business to business, wanted a marketing plan to capture utility companies as customers.  In this case the first 4 steps have been completed and the results are staggering.

The Core Marketing Plan Template Gets Results

With my help in the execution, they have captured 8 utility companies as clients in less than 6 months.  These new sales alone should be enough over the next two years to double their turnover.

When looking through the marketing plan template, you’ll see that things like market research and SWOT analysis have been left out.  These can be really helpful to prepare your thinking for putting your marketing into action, but for most small businesses the key to success is in the five steps presented.

Download it and let me know how you get on.

Your Free Marketing Plan Template

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