Even the best idea without enough follow-through will end in failure, but a poor idea with total commitment to follow-through will get good, or even great, results.  Hence business success is so often 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.

This came back to my mind this evening while I watched "All Over The Shop", the BBC2 programme featuring business coach Geoff Burch visiting retailers in a selected city (Bristol this time) to give them tips to improve their fortunes.  Of the three shops I saw him visit, one of them did very little, even though the changes suggested were clearly going to improve his sales.

He understands the ideas, but he’s just not taking action.  He had four weeks after hearing Geoff’s advice to take action.  He did almost nothing.  The results he’ll see will be almost nothing.

In the meantime, a coffee shop/cafe with books all around had taken huge action by comparison, becoming far cleaner and a much more inviting and pleasant shop to buy from.  The smell of chips and old cooking oil had gone, replaced with fresh paint and coffee smells.  Fresh panini and salad were on display in a clean, glass-fronted display counter and the feeling was of a transformation clearly under way.

What ideas have you had for your business, but not carried out yet?

Decide on a course of action, then do it.  There’s a lot to be said for the Nike way – "Just Do It"…

You can watch All Over The Shop if you missed it, using the BBC iPlayer.  Recommended viewing for retailers, even if Geoff’s advice sometimes puts the shop owners on the defensive, he is clearly trying to help them make a difference.  You might pick up a good idea or two for your own business, too.