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The New Customer Machine

Install The 5 Attractors of B2B Marketing For More Leads, More Enquiries & More Sales

Important - Class begins on Thursday 27th February at 10.30am London time.

Thursday 27th February at 10.30am

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Essential knowledge for the business owner who feels stuck in second gear and wants to go faster.

What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:

Secret #1

The Cash Map

Use this tool to map how many leads and sales you'll need to hit your growth targets.  We'll also explore realistic advertising costs for growth.

Secret #2

How to Write A Winning Ad.

Your advertising has one job - to sell.  But how do you create a winner?  The biggest secret is something virtually nobody is doing and you'll learn it here for free.

Secret #3

Install A Customer Conveyor Belt

The quickest method to get more customers from the same leads.  This can be installed in any business to increase sales without increasing advertising spend.