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The Double Your Business Plan™

How to Achieve Twice Your Sales in the Next 12 Months

Important - Class begins on Thursday 5th December at 10.30am London time.

Thursday 5th December at 10.30am

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Essential knowledge for the business owner who feels stuck in second gear.

What You Will Learn On This Free Online Workshop:

Secret #1: More Profit

How to quickly inject more profit into your business without doing more work.  (Learn how to maximise the profit from your business - with 2 case studies that show how you can produce these results in months.)

Secret #2: More Productivity

How to increase productivity of your business by 50% or more by concentrating on just one thing.  (Learn how you can optimise the performance of your business quickly with the Bottleneck Eliminator - with 2 case studies that increased their performance by between 60-70% .)

Secret #3: More Customers

How to use The Core Marketing Framework to quickly generate a solid flow of new customers.  (Learn the exact marketing map, broken down in a way that makes plain sense, to plan your clear path to generate as many sales as you can handle - one of the case-studies added £2m in a year, another increased leads from 8 per month to 120)