Their company, Munro Estates, has just won the Gold Award as the top letting agency in the North East.  Not bad when you consider they’ve only been going for a little over 3 years…

In less than two years they’ve grown to a staggering 424 properties under management – that’s FOUR TIMES the size they used to be – and have doubled the staff, too.  Here’s a bit more of their success story…

In fact, just two short years ago, Jonathan and I met after being introduced via another coaching client gave him my number.  At the time, Jonathan’s business had just 100 properties under management and was lacking the systems and structures for growth.

We worked together through coaching and intensive on-site sessions to transform the business into an operation that was ready for rapid growth.  A smart marketing strategy and clear differentiation were developed to make Munro Estates the best choice for landlords who were frustrated by letting agents who did not collect and pay rent on time, who let properties out to poor quality tenants, and who allowed properties to fall into disrepair.

The strategy that we put in place for Munro is simple and very effective – take care of the property and make sure there’s a tenant in there at all time.

Sometimes the simplest strategy is to deliver terrific service.  When your competitors are awful then being terrific is a powerful unique selling proposition that will draw customers like iron filings to an electromagnet.

This maximises the return on investment for the landlord and keeps running costs to a minimum.

Jonathan’s view of the coaching is as straightforward as his views on business.  Here’s what he said about working with Lee…

“George and I are naturally strong at sales, but we were not managing the team well and the administration of the business was starting to become a real handful for us.  Lee helped us to bring structure and control to the business, recognise the value of systems and taught us how to systemise the business.”

This allowed us to offer a uniformly high level of service without it costing us the earth to deliver.  As the staff were able to run the systems with us monitoring performance through performance metrics, it allowed George and I to spend more time on business growth and less simply running things.  Our customers are delighted and we continue to enjoy strong growth.

We’re very happy customers of Double Your Business Coaching”.

This is another powerful demonstration of what you can achieve in a recession, when you apply the right knowledge in the right way.