People often ask what kind of results are possible through coaching programmes working with The Double Your Business Coach.

In this two and a half minute video, Paul Marsden, the managing director of Virtual Business Source Limited, explains how his sales have grown substantially in just 12 months.

The business is a £1 Million turnover payroll and bookkeeping business and we’ve built a lead generation machine for his business now that is reliably producing 2-3 times more leads than ever before.

With the strategies we have put in place, that figure is likely to grow a lot further over the next twelve months.

This video started life as a test of the camera for using with client testimonials.  We did it as a kind of practice run to see how my camera would work.

Anyway, when I got back and watched it, I realised that this was a great bit of relaxed fun, and Paul surprised me when he put a number to his sales growth, so I couldn’t resist putting it up here for you to see.

Disclaimer and Contact Information

Not all businesses will achieve results of this nature or with this speed.  These results are not typical for every client; the directors worked extraordinarily hard to implement the advice, strategies and actions from the coaching programme.  Your results may vary depending upon your industry, your specific situation and the effort you put into your business.

Paul Marsden will be happy to confirm these results and can be contacted via his website Virtual Business Source, Letchworth.