Strong leaders set the tone for customer service & performance

Stressed-out Australian dentist Paddi Lund checked himself into a psychiatry clinic when he realised he was having suicidal thoughts, brought on from the stress of his own business and by customers who arrived in pain, didn’t appreciate the effort he put into their treatment and complained about the price afterwards.

Realising the consequences if he carried on as things were, he decided to set a bold new direction for his business.

On his return to work afterwards he called a staff meeting to inform his team that happiness was the most important thing for everybody. It sounds crazy, but by leading his business in a direction that mattered to him, he transformed it.  He can work just 23 hours per week and earns three times the average Australian dentist’s income.

As an entrepreneur, just like Paddi Lund, you set the direction and standards for your own business.  If you’re not getting what you want, your leadership can make things how you’d like, because your leadership is reflected in the behaviours and attitudes of your staff and the results your business produces.

Growth Blueprint for Leadership & Vision

As a business owner/manager there are six critical aspects  to providing leadership and vision:

  • Self management – you have to walk the talk
  • An inspiring vision that motivates and engages your staff
  • A strategy that allows your business to achieve your vision
  • A simple action plan to which you hold your team to account
  • Peak Customer Service that delights your customers so they become raving fans
  • Motivational skills

Your role as leader is to inspire your team and to engage them in the journey of building a great business with you.  Leadership is a big topic that’s often simply missing in the smaller business.

Are Leadership & Direction Your Barrier To Growth?

To build a motivated and committed staff, your employees need to know that they are part of something bigger than just having a job.  But there may be other things you need to deal with before working on your vision.

Find out what holds your business back by taking the Growth Barriers Diagnostic Test, to pinpoint precisely where you need to focus next to get your business moving to the next level.