Winning Ways

While sitting quietly at the 2009 annual Business Awards ceremony of the regional newspaper, Philip Mashinchi of Bright Visions Ltd was delighted to hear his name called for Small Business of the Year.

At the same time, he felt bad for another business in the room he knew he was up against, The Mortgage Broker Limited.

He needn’t have worried.  The judges were so impressed by both companies, they found it difficult to agree which one should win.

So after awarding Philip with his Best Small Business of the Year, the proceeded to announce The Mortgage Broker Limited as the Judges Choice Award, a brand new category they had introduced because they were simply too good to ignore.

Improving Consistency of Profit

Before working with Lee Duncan, Philip was working long hours and was personally involved in almost every technical project. As a result it was impossible for him to take the bigger picture view to develop the business.

It didn’t take long to identify a core problem – the profit from each project was not being closely tracked, leading to the most profitable projects effectively subsidising some slower and more stubborn ones.

Processes & Systems

Where inconsistency is found, the diagnosis is systems and processes. We introduced…

  • New quotation, tracking & time recording systems to increase control
  • SMART goals for every team member
  • Weekly progress reviews to identify issues and increase personal accountability
  • Financial review of completed projects to confirm profit targets were achieved
In Philip’s Own Words

Working with Lee was one of the best business decisions I have made. His approach gave a bird’s eye view of my business and highlighted the areas of business working well and more importantly those that needed to be improved.

Thanks to Lee, we won the Small Business of the Year award last year, just beating a company that is also one of Lee’s clients.

I don’t think that was a coincidence – Lee brings out the best in your business.

Disclaimer and Contact Information

Not all businesses will achieve results of this nature or with this speed.  These results are not typical for every client; Philip worked extraordinarily hard to implement the advice, strategies and actions from the coaching programme.  Your results may vary depending upon your industry, your specific situation and the effort you put into your business.

Philip Mashinchi will be happy to confirm these results and can be contacted via his company website