Client rings in on Monday morning.

Lee, something you said to me last week really struck a chord.

You said that we expect to do our marketing and sell right away.

But if the customer isn’t ready to buy yet, no amount of clever tactics is going to make the sale.  It’s all about keeping in touch.

That’s the beauty of the loop.

Just thought you might want to know, I do listen to what you say!

You see, our customers are human, just like us.  They operate off free will.  If your advert lands in front of them just as they were thinking about buying your kind of service/product, you’ve got a great hot lead.

But 99% of people are not ready to buy when they see your advert.  So you’ve got to keep in front of them regularly, so when they are ready to buy, yours will be the company they buy from.

Don’t expect miracles from a single advert.  Instead, collect their contact details and keep in touch with them over time, until they are ready to buy.