I’m delighted to announce that work on Double Your Business is progressing well.

But what can you expect from the book when it’s published?

Here’s a description taken directly from the proposal agreed with my publisher, Financial Times Prentice Hall:

An extraordinarily effective “how-to” manual for everybody who wants to enjoy a more successful business. Double Your Business teaches you how to leap the Growth Barriers that stop ordinary businesses in their tracks and to propel your business to giddy new heights of success. It’s a blueprint for success for the ambitious small business owner.

I created the concept of Growth Barriers after recognising that so many small businesses seem to get stuck for different reasons.  It’s not just about marketing, but your abilities in leadership, management, marketing, sales, finances and others.  In fact, as I reviewed past clients I realised that there are many things that can hold you back.

This is because everybody tends to work according to habits – you do the things you’re comfortable with and avoid areas you don’t understand.  In business this translates into small problems that grow with your business until they block further growth – they become your Growth Barriers.

At certain points of turnover, your business simply becomes stuck and stubbornly refuses to budge until you figure out exactly what’s holding you back. This scenario plays out daily in businesses everywhere and finally a solution is at hand in this book.

Imagine being able to pinpoint exactly the problem that stands in the way of your success and being given a powerful action plan to eliminate it; this is the essential secret of Double Your Business.

This book does not randomly try to fix everything about your business; like my coaching services, it concentrates your effort where it will produce the biggest rewards.

The solution lies in the new and powerful concept of ‘Growth Barriers’: when your business hits the buffers and you don’t know how to kick-start it back into growth, you have hit a Business Growth Barrier.  There are 37 different barriers to growth within the six broad business disciplines:

  • Leadership & Vision
  • People Management
  • Marketing
  • Sales Management
  • Financial Control
  • Systems & Processes

Double Your Business: How to break through the barriers to higher growth, turnover and profit” helps you to diagnose which of the 37 Growth Barriers you’ve hit and gives a practical action plan to break through to the next level.  There will be resources available online too.

The manuscript is well under way with almost 30,000 words written.  It’s why I’ve been quiet this year!

It will be published in Spring 2012 and will be available through Amazon as well as major book shops.  Make sure you sign up to my list and I’ll keep you informed of progress and even give you some “sneak peeks” at what you’ll find inside.