Your Blueprint for Business Success

Image of Double Your Business book by Lee Duncan
Lee Duncan’s book, Double Your Business, from Financial Times Publishing

If achieving fantastic results in business was easy, everybody would be doing it.

Yet all too often, businesses grow for a few years before reaching a plateau, a point at which they are stuck.

These sticking points are your Barriers to Growth and they must be attacked in a specific way in order to overcome them.

The truth is that real success takes knowledge of many areas.  If you miss out any of these areas, then sooner or later it will block your progress just as surely as a dead end.

You may not feel completely stuck, but more like your trying to run in treacle, bogged down and frustrated by a lack of momentum.

If you don’t address the root cause, you will gradually lose enthusiasm and reach a plateau in your sales, profit and enthusiasm for your business.

Three Steps To Better Results

Double Your Business Coaching programmes all feature the same three key steps to get your business moving.

1. Diagnose Your Biggest Barrier to Growth.

If you don’t take the time to understand precisely what is holding your business back, then you can thrash around trying all kinds of ideas without ever getting anywhere.

Too many people in business think they just need to do more advertising, spend thousands more on pay-per-click advertising or even spend boring hour after hour cold-calling on the phone.

While these can occasionally be the answer, more often than not, you need to be looking somewhere else altogether…

2. Plan Your Personalised Growth Blueprint

Your business is unique.  While the ideas from books and courses can point you in the right direction, imagine how much more powerful it would be to have an experienced guide to show you the way.

Based on the principles from my book, plus a wealth of additional information about past client successes from my business archives, we develop your personal Growth Blueprint as a plan to overcome your Barrier to Growth and get you moving towards your goals again.

3. Execute and Maintain Momentum For Maximum Results

There is nothing like having to answer to somebody for making you get stuff done.

This accountability is missing when you run your own business, but with our ongoing coaching relationship, we will talk on a regular basis.

In our sessions we will confirm that you’ve got things done, to overcome any obstacles you encounter and to plan the next set of actions to drive you forward to better results.

Momentum… Action… Results…

Take Your First Step Now…

If you have an urgent need to transform your business, get in touch today.

Otherwise, download and study my 21 Ways to Increase Your Profit report.

It will give you loads of ideas to kickstart your business and ignite your enthusiasm for success. You can get it here.