Barriers to Growth Chart, showing barriers for each of 7 areas in your business
An overview chart shows the spread of barriers to growth across your business, based on your answers.

How would you like to know specifically what to do next in your business to make it grow?

This is the question that the Business Growth Questionnaire is designed to answer for you (register to take the questionnaire below – there’s no cost).

By answering a series of simple Yes/No questions, you can quickly pinpoint the issues that get in the way of your business making more profit and sales.

Identify Your Barrier to Growth

A Barrier to Growth is something that prevents or slows down the growth, turnover or profit of your business.

There are 22 common reasons for this, described in my book, Double Your Business: How To Break Through The Barriers to Higher Growth, Turnover and Sales.

If your business has stopped growing, or it is growing very slowly and you’d like it to move faster, then you have already experienced your own Barrier to Growth.

For example, maybe you struggle with marketing and find it tough to get new customers.

Or perhaps you struggle to find decent staff to work for you.

Whatever your problem, if you don’t identify and fix it, your business will be stuck.

Which is why I built a questionnaire and graph to show you where to focus to grow your business…

An Example Barriers to Growth Diagnostic Chart

Sample of Barriers to Growth chart for a real business
The longer lines at the top of the chart show the main Barriers to Growth for this business.

At the top of the chart, you can see that this business has Barrier to Growth #7: Letting Customers Down as the first problem.

Typically this is an issue for businesses where there is little attention given to consistency of customer experience. The outcome is that customers feel the business does not care about them, so they leave.

This customer attrition leaves the business having to fight for new customers continually.

This customer churn is like trying to carry water in a leaky bucket.  You have to keep pouring more water into the bucket, just to keep operating at the same level.

But that’s just an example of one specific Barrier to Growth. There are 22 common problems and you can find which of them affects you most with a special questionnaire available here…

Discover Your Own Barriers to Growth

To produce a chart like this for your own business, and see the top Barrier to Growth for your business, enter your details in the box below and I’ll send you a copy of the questionnaire in an Excel spreadsheet that automatically produces your own chart.

In addition, you will receive a 7 part series of lessons via email (1 per day) to help you unlock the Barriers to Growth to grow your business with more confidence that you’re working on the right things.