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Client Success Stories

Some of my clients have kindly allowed me to share their stories on my website.  They make interesting reading.

*Disclaimer: When reading these case studies, please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that you will achieve the same.  Your own abilities and commitment, plus the circumstances in different markets and businesses will all influence your results.

Million Pound Turnover In Tiny Town

Tom McCullough's pharmacy is in the small town of Haydon Bridge with just 2,000 people.  As Tom's business coach I've helped him to double his business to over £80,000 per month within 2 years.  And that's without turning to Internet sales.

Read About Tom's First 8 Months of Coaching

Tour Operator Quickly Adds £1.86m

I worked with Airworld Tours to develop a growth strategy for their business, develop their online marketing and improve sales management to produce £1.86m growth in 12 months.  In the picture I'm standing with directors Jamal and Mohammad.

Read About Airworld Tours 'Perfect Storm'

From £120k to £250,000 in 11 Months

In this short video, the former owner of The Leaflet Delivery Company based in Milton Keynes, explains how we doubled his business in just 11 months.  He later successfully sold the business.

Watch the video

Startup To £2 Million+ Sales in 2 Years


As a shareholder in Varooma.com, I came up with the name and marketing plan that's delivered growth from startup to over £2 million in loan sales within 2 years.

Payroll Service Quadruples Sales

Paul Marsden is the managing director of Virtual Business Source, a specialist payroll and bookkeeping business.  In this short video he reveals the impact of our work together on one aspect of growing his business.

Paul Talks About His Results

Heating Business Grows 98%

Business owner and keen surfer John Carmichael 'caught a big wave' when Superwarm, his central heating business, grew sales by 98% in just 6 months.  His accountant asked if he'd hired a business guru when he saw the figures.  His answer was obviously 'Yes!'.

Superwarm Case-Study Adapted from Double Your Business

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You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs - to grow your business, what will you have to break with?

3 Important Sacrifices To Make Your Business Grow

Want to grow your business?  There’s a BIG problem. Sooner or later, you’ll run out of time.  It’s your biggest constraint. I had a couple of coaching calls recently that went along these lines… “I really wanted to get it done, but just couldn’t find the time.” They had strong motivation, clear action plan and […]

What do you need to change in order to grow your business?

How to Work ON Your Business, Not In It

There are only so many hours in the day, and once you’ve filled them with being busy, you reach your capacity and turning up and doing the work every day is not enough to make your business grow. Even with staff, if you are involved in every every question, decision and problem, then you’re still […]

Be careful - business advice can be a real minefield.

8 Questions to Ask a Business Coach Before Hiring

Choosing a business coach can be a minefield. This article will help you pick wisely. Many who describe themselves as business coaches know very little about business. As a published author on business growth, as well being a business coach myself, I’ve figured out the top questions you need to ask to make sure you’ll […]

High volume, quality lead generation is essential for rapid and prolonged sales growth.  Don't tell your competitors though - let them waste time doing 'busy-marketing' while you're growing your business results.

3 Essential Marketing Strategies for Rapid Sales Growth

There are so many marketing options, it’s easy to become distracted by ideas that will never work. You need marketing that generates the high levels of new business to get rapid sales growth. This post has three powerful, hardworking strategies to drive substantial growth. They’re part of my rapid growth marketing plan.  And every one […]

Marketing Strategy

Small Business Online Marketing Strategy

The truth is that small business online marketing levels the playing field for you to compete against the big boys. There are countless examples of small businesses that manage to take on much bigger businesses and succeed against the odds. Within my own client base, I have a travel company, optician, mortgage broker, accountant, heating […]

Computer keyboard keys with warning sign with words No Social Media, No accessing social media at work

Social Media For Business? Only After You Do This…

With all the hype surrounding social media for business, you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the single most important thing for your business to do in marketing right now. But it’s not. In fact, social media accounts for a small fraction of all sales leads that convert into customers online globally, according […]


Double Your Business - The Book

Having achieved remarkable successes as the business coach to a string of clients in all kinds of businesses, Financial Times Publishing asked if I would be willing to write a book about growing a business. 

Double Your Business is the resulting book, and quickly became a best-seller on Amazon in the UK.  You can get a chapter by clicking on the image of the book.  Or use the link below to get a signed copy directly from me.

It explains my approach and results when coaching UK businesses, so it's very relevant to your business.  And it's got a uniquely practical approach with action plans that can be applied to your business immediately.

Click here to buy a signed copy.


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