How To Find Time For Growth

Want to grow your business? There’s a problem. You will run out of time, sooner or later. I had a couple of coaching calls with clients on Thursday last week that went along these lines… “I really wanted to get it done, but just couldn’t find the time this week.” They had clear actions to […]

How to Work ON Your Business, Not In It

Turning up and doing the work every day is not enough to make your business grow.  It doesn’t matter how hard you work, nor how many hours you’re there. After all, there are only so many hours in the day, and once you’ve filled them with being busy, you run out of time to make […]

8 Questions to Ask a Business Coach Before Hiring

Choosing a business coach can be a minefield. This article will help you pick wisely. Many who describe themselves as business coaches know very little about business. As a business coach myself, I’ve figured out the top questions you need to ask to make sure you’ll get what you need – results. 1. Do their […]