Why is business vision important?

On May 23rd, a business woman looked down at her desk and felt overwhelmed by problems in her business.  The last thing on her mind was why is business vision important?  Yet this very issue could change her day completely.

Two of her staff didn’t turn up for work for different reasons and a cloud hung over everybody in her offices, because they all felt leaned upon to keep the wheels of business turning.

Everywhere she looked, there were problems and nothing seemed to be going right.  She pressed on and worked hard, but was feeling angry and frustrated with all the problems that seemed to have suddenly overtaken her successful business.

“A vision without action is a dream, action without vision is a nightmare”

I called by chance as she is a past client of mine.  We talked briefly about things that were going on and realised that she was giving all of her attention to the issues and had forgotten to keep her direction set towards her vision.  When we lose direction, we are like a boat at see without a rudder – all we can do is try to keep low in the boat and hope the next big wave doesn’t hit us.

Her vision is to build a business that her customers love, with a great team atmosphere, where everybody pulls together and supports the common aim of having a great place to work with delighted customers.  She has held her focus on this for over 12 months now and her business has really taken shape.  But, sailing into rough seas caused her to lose focus for a while.  After a quick impromptu coaching session,  her attention is back on her vision and the business is back on track.

Problems?  What problems?

Why Is Business Vision Important – An Example

Do you ever get out of the wrong side of bed in the morning?

You sometimes hear people talking about keeping a positive mental attitude.  When done to excess it can be a bit like an evangelising priest and really pushes people away.  But, when you do it genuinely from a feeling of making change in a specific direction, you give off a positive vibe that reflects back on you too.

For me, the most powerful start to being positive is knowing who you are and where you are going.  When I coach you, the most powerful thing I can do is help you to truly connect to who you are and what you can achieve.  When you get “in the flow” of moving towards your vision, you can move mountains.

When you have a bad day, nothing seems to go right.  Take a moment to focus again on what it is that you want to achieve and think of all the good things that are helping you to achieve it.  Blow away the fog of stress and problems by having a bright vision that pulls you towards it.

So why is business vision important?  Because it gives you a reason that goes way beyond just doing a job, it gives you a sense of working toward something worthwhile.

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