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Turning The 3 Big Wheels of Business Growth

There are just 3 areas to focus in your business to succeed.  In one case-study on the call, you'll hear how all 3 areas were used to achieve 700k in growth over a few years - and how they are on track to add £500K more this year.

Important 'Growth Hacks' To Accelerate Your Success

The simplest of problems can cripple a business, and yet have the simplest solution, too.  Learn about the £36,000 sports car bought from the proceeds of a simple 3-month fix.

How Growth Businesses Get It Right First Time, Every Time

Discover how one business saved over £400,000 with a few tweaks to the way they work.  Imagine if you could find a similar way to improve...

Here's What You Will Discover...

The 9 projects that create a step-by-step plan to achieve 6-figure growth

The Three Flat Zones that instantly show where to focus in any business for step-changing results

When to avoid marketing and sales because it will prevent growth and destroy profit, with case-history examples

3 Strategic Shifts that always underpin consistent 6-figure growth

How to eliminate your employees from making silly mistakes that should be common sense.

The reason that 97.3% of businesses have marketing that flops and fails - and what to do instead

How to create a financial formula to underpin six-digit growth in any business

About Me - Lee Duncan

Double Your Business books in a pile

There's a saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, so clearly my clients aren't old dogs!  I work with people in b2b businesses, many of whom are no longer spring chickens, who are fed up with the same old results year after year to help them unleash their true potential.

My book, Double Your Business, was published in 2012 by Financial Times and was voted WHSmith Business Book Of The Month.  It topped it's category on Amazon UK's best-sellers and is rated at 5 stars after more than 50 reviews.