“At Last!  Sell More Mortgages – A Workshop Designed Exclusively For Mortgage Brokers”

 If you want to discover how to attract more clients and successfully sell mortgages to them, even during the credit squeeze, then read on…

Dear Mortgage Broker,
This new workshop has been designed and created for brokers who want to protect or even grow their businesses during this tough market period.  There is a good chance that you have invested hundreds, if not thousands, into your professional development, but are struggling now to use your skills because of the challenge of finding clients that you can sell to. How many brokers will go out of business this year because of these tough market conditions?

Let’s face it, now does not feel a great time to be a broker. Lenders have tightened up criteria to a ridiculous level and record numbers of people are in serious debt. It can be really hard to hold your nerve at the moment because of all the challenges you face. With the advent of double-pricing from lenders to cut you out of the running on many mortgage deals, it has become dog eat dog in the mortgage business.  Even figuring out whether to charge fees for advice must be on your mind at the moment as you try to get to grips with the market turmoil.

Maybe you have been trading for many years and have got plenty of reserves to see you through the next six to twelve months. Or perhaps you have started more recently and are still building your client bank up and finding the pressure intense because of the credit crunch. Either way, you are almost certainly having applications turned down by lenders creatively adjusting their criteria on an almost daily basis to limit their risk and reduce their mortgage book.

My name is Lee Duncan and this is my message to you. You have a unique service to offer and there are millions of customers out there…

There is nothing financially astute about keeping your head down, sitting tight and hoping you do enough business to survive the slump and make it through to better times

You see, it is possible to do what you know well and be rewarded for it, even during a tough market. If you don’t speak to the millions of people who will re-mortgage this year, who will? The smartest players already know this and understand how to work differently, picking up the business that you are missing. You just need to join them.

As a successful business coach and trouble-shooter I help brokers to add big numbers to sales and profits. In talking to many brokers large and small, they are always fascinated in the techniques I teach them about marketing, selling and customer service. 

Through helping mortgage advisors and brokerages to grow their sales by 150%, 200% and even as much as 500%, I have learnt some amazing secrets that you can apply to achieve much better results too.

All of the techniques and examples you will learn in this workshop are exclusively tailored for mortgage brokers. In fact these ideas are already being used by my clients at the moment with a great deal of success. You will learn from ‘real world’ examples that people like you are already using to attract and win profitable mortgage sales.

So is this workshop for you? Well, before we answer that, do any of the following sound familiar?

“The lenders’ criteria are just ridiculous; I can’t sell mortgages to the enquiries I do get because the lender won’t accept them”

To be able to compete in a flat market, it is critical that you know how to generate the right kinds of enquiries – the sort that come from people who will fit the criteria for the shrinking range of available products. There is no point getting enquiries for 100% first time buyer deals, or from people who have missed their last 3 mortgage payments, because when you look you just can’t place that kind of business any more.
You need to learn about niche marketing and apply proven methods to get qualified clients contacting you for expert help to select the right mortgage for them. Even as you read this, there are people in your area who are getting new mortgages, re-mortgages and all the associated insurances. I will show you how to get these people coming to you.

 “I am just about ready to pack up. I was only barely doing enough business before the credit crisis, but now I am doing practically nothing”

There are two challenges facing any broker that is finding it tough to survive; these are generating enquiries and converting enquiries into paying customers. If you have always found this difficult, you need to take a long hard look at how you have been trying to do these things, change something and do it fast, because without these you cannot make sales and your business will be doomed.
When you attend The Profitable Broker Workshop, you will understand the quickest ways to successful mortgage lead generation and how to easily convert these into sales. You will learn a whole new way of thinking about your brokerage.

“The enquiries I do get take me hours but go nowhere – they get the advice for free from me and then go direct to the lender for the deal I found for them”

You have probably heard the phrase that selling is a numbers game. What is missing from the general phrase is how this applies to your thinking about mortgage sales. The biggest challenge facing over 80% of people in the mortgage industry is their mindset. Without understanding how the numbers game works in your own business you cannot make your business profitable with any degree of confidence.

Thinking about the current market, even though mortgage sales are way down this year, there are clear winners and losers – the losers are selling nothing while the winners are maintaining or even growing their mortgage sales.

The good news is that you will cover this during the workshop and you will experience a shift in your thinking to the most profitable way to sell mortgages. You will learn proven techniques to help you get over “bad leads” and days without sales to keep you positive and in the best frame of mind to deal professionally with your next enquiry and clinch the deal.

“I take pride in giving good advice, I am not a pushy salesperson and don’t ever want to become one, I am a professional adviser”

It is common knowledge that you feel like hiding at the thought of a salesman knocking the front door to sell you double glazing or some dusters. This has caused a really anti-sales sentiment that gets stuck in your head and makes you hostile to sales people and totally adamant that you could never be one yourself.

On this course you will learn the basics of ethical selling, with a clear and simple process to follow that has no clever tricks or twists to “make the punters buy”, but which creates a bond of trust between you and your clients. When you have practiced this, your clients will say, “I’m going to tell all my friends to call you about a mortgage, you’re really helpful”. The secret to achieving this is so simple you won’t believe it until you try it!

One special thing you will also learn is the gentle way to ask for the sale. This is such a wonderful approach that every person I teach it tells me how much easier life has become for them. We all know it is important to ask for the sale, but it can feel horribly pushy to do it using the old fashioned hard-sell techniques used by most of the industry. You can learn a much better way that will help you sell more mortgages without ever feeling that you have pushed your client into it.

“I have bought leads from an Internet lead provider, but they were rubbish – I only sold one mortgage even though I spent a fortune on leads”

My most successful client is a broker operating entirely over the phone. They generate leads almost entirely by Internet and make extensive use of purchased leads. Their average sales per advisor in April 2008 were £21,478. I have meticulously studied the sources of the leads and I know exactly how well they compare with each other and how much money it is possible to make from them.

Internet leads must be viable, because there are a lot of companies still selling tens of thousands of leads every single month, with some very successful brokers buying thousands every month. You just need to know where to get them from and how to maximise your sales to them. You will learn the secrets to getting the best out of these leads so that you never struggle for enquiries again.

You will learn details like the best days and times of the week for buying leads. You will learn the pros and cons of fixed price contracts versus auctions for leads, as well as how to learn which suppliers’ leads turn into sales, how to use seasonal variations in price and quality to your advantage, plus many other things besides. Most importantly, you will learn how to manage Internet leads properly so that you maximise the return you get from them. This is not down to luck – it is down to clear, tested processes that have been developed through many thousands of leads.

What else can you expect from the two-day workshop?

After these two days, you will understand what it takes to sell 20+ mortgages per month. You will learn how to organise your time, get the leads, sell to them and keep in touch for repeat business and referrals. You will know the top strategies and secrets of some of the most successful mortgage advisors in the UK. Because you are investing in your business, this programme is not designed for spectators. You will find it intense but rewarding as we work up, step by step, from the basics of lead generation right through to closing the sale. You will learn a powerful new perspective on being a mortgage broker that is your key to a more successful future.
Here are some of the other things you will learn:

Overcome the fear of “selling”

How to cultivate clients rather than “chase” them
How long to leave before following up your clients
How not to lose your clients to another broker or direct to lender
How to ask for referrals
How to build trust, even if you only ever speak on the phone
How to get testimonials every single month

Learn the skills of high achievers and how you can achieve these same levels of sales regularly for yourself

How to use the 80/20 rule to get more time, profit and sales with less wasted effort
How to get and stay organised for maximum performance
How you can get 1-2 more hours out of every day, without working longer
How to generate your own positive self-motivation every single day

Marketing Demystified

How to apply the power of scientific advertising for mortgage sales
How to identify a profitable market niche
How to use your niche to increase your profit, customer loyalty and confidence
How to choose the marketing methods that will work best for you

Pricing Your Advice – the ins and outs of fees for mortgage advice

How to decide if you should charge fees for your advice
How much to charge and how to justify your fees to clients
The “inner game” of money and how to overcome your fear of charging fees
Saving a deal when another broker offers to beat the deal by dropping his fee

How to Inject “Common Sense” Into Staff

How to motivate staff to work more productively all day long
How using simple processes and technology can slash your costs and dramatically increase your productivity
Cut hours from your working day by learning how to identify and then efficiently delegate low-value tasks to others

Getting Commitment

How to help your clients make an informed decision
Understanding client fears and resistances and how to help them through it ethically
How to keep in touch with clients who aren’t ready yet

If you employ mortgage consultants, learn the single most powerful strategy that will grow their production within just ten days …

How to hold your advisors accountable for their performance
How to measure adviser performance
The daily pep-talk that gets results

Who else has benefited from this training?

Whilst this is a new course, in the past I have helped hundreds of people to have more confidence, attract more clients, make more money and have a lot more fun in business than they were beforehand.

I’d like to share with you some comments from brokers and advisors I am working with at the moment. These brokers work with me on my exclusive coaching programmes. They pay far more than the cost of attending this course for every day I spend with them.

Here’s what they have to say about working with me.


“Deciding to invest in Lee’s coaching has been without a doubt the best money I have spent all year.  Because of his help I have become more organised and I now have a really clear plan to achieve my goals.  Since our first meeting I have been buzzing.

This month is going to be our second best ever since I started, despite the really tough market conditions caused by the credit crunch and even though we have been hit by lenders’ criteria changes.”

Jason Sabine, CGS Financial Ltd


One advisor was having a tough time in January this year. He turned to me for help and has achieved levels of business he could barely dream of a few months ago. Here’s what he said.


“When I first started working with Lee I wondered what the hell he could teach me about selling, because I had done 24 years in sales. Only after a few meetings I realised he wasn’t trying to teach me how to sell, but to wake me up to what I wasn’t doing.

As a result of working with Lee I have now more than doubled what I was selling and consequently saved my future in the mortgage business. In the past 3 months I have written more business than I did in the previous six months.”


Barry Davis, CeMAP Mortgage Advisor




“As the Managing Director of 4 businesses, including a brokerage and property rentals business, we were growing and successful but intuition told me I could be doing even better.  A very successful broker recommended Lee Duncan to me and from the first meeting he has given us focus, ideas and confidence in our growth plans. 

He gives practical, useable advice and brings out your potential.  It is clear to me that working with Lee as our business coach gives us a serious edge over our competition.”


Jonathan Bell, Managing Director of Key Solutions Mortgages, Munro Property Investments, Munro Estates Ltd &
The Mortgage Rescue Company



Perhaps the most powerful testimony to the methods you will learn on this course come from the Managing Director of a business that has grown 5 times over in just 3 years to become the biggest and most successful firm in Home of Choice, the third biggest broker network in the UK. Here’s what he has to say:


“When I first met Lee we were writing 30 mortgages a month, including my own sales. With his help and guidance we are now writing in excess of 150 mortgages per month even in this so called ‘credit crunch’. 

I am also now free to focus on our growth and management, as the structure of the business has been shaped so that I am no longer advising.”

Darren Pescod
Managing Director of The Mortgage Broker Ltd



Darren himself was writing 15 mortgages a month when I first started working with him in 2004.  During 2007 he decided to stop selling mortgages himself to concentrate on growing his business to its full potential. So he has not just grown sales from 30 to 150+ mortgages per month, he has also replaced his own sales too.  Despite the current tough market conditions, he is currently recruiting more advisors to join his business – the credit crunch is a tough period, but by having a well-run brokerage, he is able to maintain his growth through it. 


“I have known Lee for over two years now and always look forward to seeing him and talking to him, he is a walking encyclopaedia of facts, figures and most importantly great business ideas that really do work. 

I have run my own companies for over 25 years now, and have achieved before that, top salesman awards several times, yet still find Lee to be inspirational and a breath of fresh air.  No sooner than I have finished speaking to him I am bursting with energy to get his ideas moving.”

Mark J. Lane
Mark Lane Mortgages


Now, if this is starting to get you excited but you would like to hear a little more from clients who have worked with me before, let me explain something. While I am giving you techniques that I have tested out and seen proven by my clients in the mortgage industry, these are the same techniques that my clients from all sorts of industries also use. These are robust, proven techniques for business growth.


“Working with Lee was one of the best business decisions I have made. His approach gave me a bird’s eye view of my business and highlighted the areas of the business working well and more importantly those that needed to be improved.

Thanks to Lee, we won the Small Business of the Year award last year, just beating a company that is also one of Lee’s clients! I don’t think that was a coincidence – Lee brings out the best in your business.”

Philip Mashinchi
Managing Director of BrightVisions Ltd



In fact, while BrightVisions won the “Small Business of The Year” award, they beat another of my clients who went on to win the “Judges Choice” award in the same competition.


“Seven years after starting my own business, I had fallen asleep at the wheel.  Business was steady and customers were happy, but we had not really grown sales for the previous four years.  If I’m honest I think I had become complacent and was working long hours because I was very busy

It seems strange looking back now, because for the first three years I had been really motivated and excited by my business.  I think I just accepted it would stay that way forever, with me going through the motions, until I met Lee at the start of 2006.

Since then he has helped me to practically double our sales and get the business growing consistently, month after month.  I have cut down my working hours and I take longer holidays too.  All this has come from learning how to work ON my business instead of in it.”

Chella Heyes
Managing Director of Zoom Answer Call



As you can obviously see, this is a very different kind of workshop. You will learn the strategies that work in your business to achieve new levels of success. And you can discover this at no personal risk to yourself – because you are covered by a full money back guarantee.

If you are not delighted with your decision to invest in this workshop, just let me know at the end of the first day and you will get a full and prompt refund with no hard feelings.

“When and where is the workshop running?”

The workshop is running at a venue near Huntingdon, within easy reach of the A14 and A1, from Monday 16th to Tuesday 17th of June.  Full joining instructions will be sent in your delegate pack.
I have chosen the start of a fresh week so that you can go out all guns blazing to do more business, fired up by the course.  We start at 10 a.m. and will run until 6 p.m. on Monday 16th.  On Tuesday 17th we will start at 9 a.m. and run until 5pm (with breaks, obviously!).  A quality buffet lunch is included in the delegate price and there will be coffee and tea during each day. 
However, this is not your usual 9-5 training course where you sit down and listen to me ranting. There will be lots of interaction as we discuss the specifics of your business. In fact, at every course I run, I am invariably chatting for several hours after the official end time to answer your “after-hours” questions to get you off to a flying start.

As a result, it is wise to give yourself some flexibility when planning your travel so that you don’t have to rush away right after the end. I always make myself available for a couple of hours after the official end time to chat with delegates and discuss any topics relating to your business and how to make it work better for you. 

“OK, so what’s the cost for this special workshop?”

Frankly, I have considered long and hard whether or not I should run this workshop at all. I have learnt the material I will be releasing through 4 years of close work with clients who have spent well in excess of £10,000 per month on leads, plus £500 for each 90 minute consultation with me.

They choose to work with me because they know the results they will get for their businesses – you have seen the testimonials above. My first thought was to charge £1,795 for the workshop, because selling just one mortgage with life cover will more than pay for that.  However, with the market being so tough, I have settled on £999 including VAT to make this affordable to just about any broker or mortgage consultant who is serious about making it through this tough period.

If you book by the 31st May, you will save £102 to bring your total investment down to just £897 including VAT, as a little incentive for booking early.  At this level, you need only sell just one extra mortgage to recover your investment.

Please note: From June 1st the discount will have disappeared.

Now, if you think this sounds a bit much, you need to read carefully through the bonus items which I have spent a great deal of time to organise to make it incredible value for you as a broker.  Together, they are worth £547 to you and they are completely FREE by attending this course...

Special Bonus 1 – Worth £450
10 Top Quality Internet Leads

Completely Free of Charge
Most brokers struggle to find high quality leads.  I have compared results of sales from leads generated by 6 of the top Internet lead companies.  I know which ones work well and which ones to avoid.  Because of the results I get, I have been able to negotiate an amazing deal for you. 

First, by completing this course you will be given 10 of the BEST quality mortgage leads that you can get, completely FREE of charge.  This is from one of the UK’s top Internet lead providers, not a second-rate outfit.

These leads will be exclusively provided to you and not sold to anybody else.  They are the cream of mortgage leads.  It will be in your hands to use your experience and what you learn from the course to convert them into customers.

This lead provider knows that when you try the best Internet leads, you will be hooked on them.  They also know my reputation and so were willing to let me have the very BEST leads they generate, in a niche that still sells well and with loan sizes from £150,000 and above.

A sale from one of these leads should be worth an absolute minimum of £800 from the proc fee alone, but you can expect to beat £1,000 on proc fee most of the time.

These leads will be delivered to you in real-time, when somebody is sat in front of their computer thinking about getting a re-mortgage.  When you act quickly, you will be talking to somebody right at the moment that they are looking for a new mortgage.  You will be amazed how pleased they are to chat when you call.

Consider the value of the course now, when you take off £450 from the price tag for these leads…


Plus… A Month’s Free Complementary Membership of my Profitable Broker Coaching Programme worth £97

After you have attended the workshop, I am determined to give you the best possible chance of success – because I know that after learning the strategies for success, you will appreciate having me there to hold you accountable for turning your plans into action.  For this you will get:
A live conference call every fortnight where you will
  • Be held accountable for taking action, so that you have support to drive your business forwards
  • Have the opportunity to ask questions you need help with, which means you will not get stuck or held back
  • Learn the success strategies of other leading experts who I invite from time to time to attend calls, giving you more ideas to improve your business
  • Have personal access to a “members area” to download MP3 recordings of every call to play back on your PC or iPod afterwards, so you can listen again and take in every word
  • After your free month, you will have the option to join the programme by credit card.  No pressure and no obligation.

I have avoided throwing in fluffy nonsense for bonuses, instead wanting to make sure you will get immense value from the package as a whole.

Deep down you know that you have more talent and ability than your results are showing right now. This workshop can provide you with the knowledge and confidence to transform your mortgage sales. Reserve your place today

I want to make sure that you make the decision that is right for you, and that you make an informed decision, so here are a few final thoughts.

The fact that you have read this far indicates that you are not satisfied with the results you are currently getting. However things are going for you at the moment, deep down inside you have the feeling that you could be achieving more, that it could be much easier, if you only knew how.

I’m inviting you to take your brokerage to a whole new level. In just two days you will discover techniques that will help you to ride out the current uncertainty in the credit markets and put you in prime position when the money markets free up again. What is more important in business than knowing how to attract more business, make more profit and secure more sales?

“I simply can’t afford the time for training at the moment”

If you believe that you do not have the time to take just two days to work ON your business instead of IN it, you might want to consider these words of wisdom, “if you keep doing the same things, you will keep getting the same results”. What would happen if you only achieved the results you are getting now for another three or six months?

During these 2 days you will learn how to free up at least one hour every single day that will give you more time for the important things in life, while still achieving higher levels of sales and profits. It’s obvious that learning new, better ways to do things can give you better results. Don’t create obstacles to your own success, it’s time to decide. To make space for this 2 day workshop will be the best investment you can make in your business right now.

“It sounds great, but I’m really not sure I can afford it right now”

If things are tight financially for you at the moment, as they are for so many brokers, how will sitting tight and doing nothing actually change things? Just imagine what a difference it will make to write another 1 or 2 applications every week – that’s thousands of £££’s in revenue every month. How much of a difference would that make to your income and your peace of mind? How much would that be worth to you, right now?

And of course bear in mind that by booking early, you will save £102 and with the special bonus leads worth £450, your investment in the course itself will be as little as £350.

And, to back up my confidence in the systems and approach you will learn on this course, I will give you a 100% money back guarantee…

100% Money Back Guarantee
If, by the end of the first day, you believe that this workshop is not great value for money and will not help you unlock more sales, more profits and more peace of mind, you can simply hand in your training materials to receive a full refund. 

Your investment is truly risk-free – if you don’t like it on the day, you get a full refund.

I give you this guarantee because I have developed and used these methods to generate success for so many businesses already. 

At the end of the course you will have a tailored step by step action plan of proven methods to generate more enquiries, more mortgage applications and more profits.  You’ll also have £450 worth of great leads to get your sales started too.


Still Undecided?  Here’s Something To Think About…

But there is something else to consider.  In my experience, when people are reluctant to make a commitment, it’s not so much to do with money or time, it’s more about what taking that step represents to them.  By opening up to new ways of doing business you are recognising the need for change and improvement.  From my experience of helping people to unlock the hidden potential of their business, the key to success is to wake up and take action now and not to put it off until tomorrow.

A proven, powerful way to make more sales awaits you. Are you willing to open your eyes to a better way of doing things? Or are you so set in your ways that you would rather sit tight and hope for the best?  Remember, this workshop is an investment for the future that will help you attract more business and spend more time doing what you love.

I urge you to take this step. Think of all the mortgages being placed by other brokers while you wait patiently for the phone to ring. If you don’t take action, it’s not just you who loses out. Your family, your staff, their families and your customers need you to be successful too. Let me help you achieve success by clicking here now.

Best Wishes
Lee Duncan

P.S. If you found The Mortgage Broker Survival Kit useful, this workshop will take you to another level altogether.  You know by now that you need to do something different.  If you continue to do what you’re already doing, you’re going to get the same results.  What I’m offering you is the easiest, most risk-free way to work with me so you can see for yourself how the Profitable Broker methods can help you attract more clients, make more money and feel a lot more comfortable as a broker.  You deserve it, so act now.