Oh, Just Shut Up!

When was the last time you sat in front of a salesman and thought about how good they are?  Most are awful, really damned awful!

They talk and talk about what their product does without spending enough time to ask you what you want.

And so you drift off and start thinking about other things.

At the end, you decide if you want to buy based on your feelings about the product, not because of what you’ve learnt from them.

On behalf of poor customers everywhere that face this kind of awful selling every day, I’d like to say…


That’s better, just be quiet.  I even tell salesmen this directly – then tell them what I really want, if they’ll listen.  If they don’t, I walk away and buy elsewhere.

Please join me in this – I want people to respect and love salespeople for doing a great job.  Let’s get rid of the pushy Arthur Daleys and Delboy Trotters by not buying off them anymore.

Now as you sit there smiling about this, have you started wondering what YOU are like in front of customers?

If you want to improve, make sure you start every meaningful sales conversation by finding out precisely what your customer wants, before you utter any opinions, advice or thoughts.  They really don’t care what you know until they know that you’re interested in helping them. 

Spend the time to really listen, carefully.  Make notes and highlight to yourself the top 3 things your client wants, so that you can make sure your solution matches these needs when you offer them.  Don’t jump in too soon and start talking – make sure you really understand first.

Now, I’m a naturally chatty guy and I know that over the years I’ve talked myself out of some sales.  It makes me cringe to think of those lost sales now.

So please work hard to shut up instead of talking.  Because when you listen, you find out what they really want.  And when you know what they really want, it’s so much easier to give it to them and make you and them happy.

While teaching people to sell on the phone, it’s probably even more important.  One client put stickers all around his monitor with the letters STFU written on them, to remind him to listen carefully.

You could do worse than take a leaf out of his book 

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