Need More Customers? Who Else Sees Them?

I’ll bet that there are other firms in your town, who you don’t compete with, that have customers who would also make great customers for you.

One business coaching client has a restaurant and since August we’ve worked on increasing sales, with great results – a solid 30% increase now.  This has been by a combination of different tactics and we’re really pleased with the results.  Now he wants to fill the restaurant over Christmas lunchtimes (he’s normally closed at lunch).  So how can he do it?

Well, he’s short of time because they’re a small business.  So here’s what we’re doing.  He noticed that he gets quite a few customers referred by a local hairdresser. 

Obviously when the stylists are chopping they’re chatting too.  His restaurant serves really high quality food in a great atmosphere for a fair price, probably making it the best restaurant around for a good 20 miles.

So, thinking laterally, if one hairdresser likes to talk about it, maybe others would too?  He’s going to invite them in for a free meal, which will cost very little because the raw food costs are relatively small. 

Hopefully after they’ve experienced this great food for free, they’ll want to talk about it none-stop to their customers too.  He’ll also put leaflets into the salons to remind them and for customers to take away.

What better way to drum up business than feeding the word-of-mouth community – quite literally in this case!

So, here’s a thought for you…

What businesses are there around you who serve the same kind of customers that you want?  And what morsel can you offer to make them want to talk about you non-stop?


  1. Mrs Fatima Mohammed Shuna dsign mama familiya on November 20th, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    Iam is small businesss just Iwant advice about my business. Iam sewing many to make some one happy and mix and match Pattern element to design but isew is Africa and Isend here to sell but Ihavent mony and no experience about this business. Ihope yuo help me. Thanks

  2. Lee on November 20th, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    Hi Fatima,

    Thanks for your question. You need to tell me a bit more about the kind of help you need before I can reply.

    Who are your customers in the UK, do you have a distributor?


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