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“In the past 3 months I have written more business than I did in the previous six months” 
Barry Davis, CeMAP Mortgage Advisor  (April 2008)

You are no doubt feeling the pressure of tighter lending criteria, a much smaller list of mortgage products to offer customers and now, adding insult to injury, the dual-pricing of lenders keeping their best deals back from the intermediary channel.

As a business advisor to several brokers, I have noticed that it’s not doom and gloom for everybody.  While there is less business to go around, you can take specific actions to maintain your sales and keep your brokerage afloat.  Here is a recent comment from one of the brokers I work with…

“This month is going to be our second best ever since I started, despite the really tough market conditions caused by the credit crunch and even though we have been hit by lenders’ criteria changes. ” – Jason Sabine, Managing Director of CGS Financial in Loughborough

When I was young, my Mum would make me take my medicine so that I would “feel better soon”.  The same advice is now true for brokers; you will find it much easier to ride out the stormy markets if you take your medicine now, instead of being rushed into intensive care in 6 month’s time.

The first treatment for your business is to spend a day or two sorting out some fundamentals that tend to be ignored when business is good.  To help you do this, the free Mortgage Broker Survival Kit outlines 5 simple actions you can take to make your business more robust and profitable.

This guide is written just for mortgage brokers and contains some of the basics I teach my clients.  One client, using these techniques plus more advanced strategies,  has grown from a small locally based broker to become the top firm in one of the UK’s biggest networks, writing 150 mortgages a month.

I call this guide The Mortgage Broker Survival Kit, because if you are single-minded and follow the action plan, you will put yourself into a far better position to get through the next few months and come out stronger next year.  When the squeeze is over, you will be in great shape to profit from all the business that comes around in a market with less competition.

To get your free copy of the guide, simply enter your name and email address and you’ll be taken straight to the Mortgage Broker Survival Kit download page. You will also get some commentary to help you put the action plan into place via email too, to get you off to a flying start.


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