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  • The top marketing channels for fast growth.  With so many marketing channels available, it’s easy to get sold into a blind alley.  This list are all proven channels that, when done correctly, will deliver high volumes of leads, enquiries and sales.
  • Guidance on how to choose the most appropriate marketing for your business, based on a few fundamental but simple principles.
  • The surprising marketing channel that a client used to land massive blue-chip customers.  Companies included Scottish & Southern Electric (SSE), Thames Water, Barclays Bank, Mercedes cars and many, many others.
  • The online marketing channel that rejuvenated the sales pipeline of travel agent Airworld Tours, adding £2m in the first year of using it alone, almost doubling their sales.  It is now powering them to 8 figure sales.
  • An online channel that I used to produce 228 new leads in the first 24 hours for myself.
  • Why the right choice of channel alone is not enough – and the two additional elements you need to create a truly compelling marketing strategy to generate leads for rapid growth.


Hi! My name is Lee Duncan

I help  business owners who find themselves stuck with flat-lined growth, working flat-out with too little free time, or are at risk of becoming a ‘busy fool’ – working too hard for too little in return.

I help them to grow their business by increasing profitability and cash flow, producing more enquiries and improving sales, and optimising the way their businesses work so they make more money with less effort and drama.

My book, Double Your Business, was published in 2012 by Financial Times and was voted WHSmith Business Book Of The Month.

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