Marketing Tips – The Magic Bullets…

Most business people dream of a simple approach to winning customers that works every time.  They hope that an advert in the local newspaper, or a Google Adwords campaign, or business networking events, will bring all the clients they need.

The Good News & The Bad News About Magic Bullet Marketing…

There is good news and bad news for you on this.  Some companies do manage to find a “magic bullet” to marketing that brings in all the customers they need from just one approach.  But they are in the minority and they are in a risky position.  One of the most powerful marketing tips you can understand is that the most successful businesses understand that just one marketing strategy is not going to work for them.  Instead, you need to run several different campaigns alongside each other.

The famous marketing consultant  and author Jay Abraham talks about a single marketing campaign being like a diving board – only supported at one end, it leaves your business open to lots of wobbles if anything goes wrong with it.  That’s precisely the problem with “magic bullets” – if it loses the magic, your business takes a dive!

On the other hand, if you build up your leads through a combination of different marketing strategies and campaigns, your business becomes far more robust because you are not dependent on any single one of them.  Let’s pick a few examples…

One of the big Internet marketing “gurus” was in the first place on Google’s natural results (i.e. not the “sponsored” listings).  It produced hundreds of leads every month.  Then Google made some changes and all of a sudden, this business fell down the listings and their leads dried up.  It cost him thousands in lost sales though.

Build Your Own Parthenon…

If you have only one major source of enquiries, you have a diving board.  Start putting extra supports on it and build a Parthenon – you know – the building with all the columns in Athens – that way, any one failure will not hurt your business badly.

Have a look at this piece on marketing for small to medium businesses for a few specific ideas you could use to start adding legs to your diving board.

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  1. Paul Simister on June 12th, 2008 at 6:15 pm

    Nice explanation of Jay’s diving board principle and I love the photograph.

    It is such an easy trap to fall in to for small businesses.

    They start up and try direct mail, try advertising and try networking.

    When they find that one works but the others don’t pull in the leads, instead of working out what is wrong and improving it, they give up.

    This just gives them the one method to use, a belief that the two failed methods will never work for them and a suspicion of other marketing methods.

    Sad really and if this sounds familiar, I recommend reading some of Jay Abraham’s material about optimisation and upside leverage of marketing.

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