Marketing basics

Marketing is hard. But the paradox is that when you accept that marketing is hard, you put a lot more effort into doing it, so it becomes a lot easier.

Most business owner/managers want it to be easy.  They expect to get results from every single advert they place, from every leaflet drop they do, from simply putting a website up.

They are surface-skimming the topic, hoping to find a fast solution to a problem that plagues all their competitors too.

If you do a search in the books section of Amazon for the word “marketing”, you’ll find around 145,000 results.  How many have you read?  How much time have you given to the study of getting new business?

It took me over five years of study and practice to identify the essential factors of a great marketing plan.  Not the marketing plan you’ll find online that’s taken from academic courses, but a practical plan for every owner/managed business that won’t cost the earth.

Yet many owner/managers are not prepared to hear the truth – marketing is hard – it takes effort and determination to get it right.  You can only take so many short-cuts.

Take a decision today to take the road less travelled.  Avoid the easy road of complaint and bitterness, and switch to the trickier but more rewarding path of sustained growth.

You may go down a few blind alleys along the way, but keep learning and apply what you learn to drive your business towards a brighter future.

Marketing is hard, but it’s not impossible…

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