Keeping In Touch With Your Customers – The Brilliant Blackberry…

For years I have been a sceptic about how useful a Blackberry mobile phone and email device could be for handling email as well as phone calls.

This week I have eaten humble pie because I have started using one.  I wish I’d bought it years ago.  Email is a joy, the phone is fine and it’s a really natty little device that’s always with me. 

Next up I’ll be using it for the calendar and getting my contact management address book fully over onto it – it’s only got 183 contacts on so far and that will at least double before it’s really useful to me.

The point of this posting, however, is not to tell the world that I’ve got a new gadget.  While it’s nice to have a new toy (I am a man, after all), the real joy is that when a client emails me and I’m out of the office, I can get back to them quickly and efficiently wherever I am.

That means my responsiveness to customers improves and so they’ll enjoy a better standard of service.  I also have less work to do when I get back to the office.

The added bonus is that I’m paying less for this whole service than I was for just a phone.  In fact, on two phones I use for business I’m saving close to £50 a month.  That’s what I call a great result.

So here’s a question for you.  What are you sceptical about doing or using for your business, even though you know other people who are doing it?  When you catch yourself thinking "That won’t work for me", notice what it is you’re talking about.  I did this for 4 years with the Blackberry and realise I’ve been missing out.

What are you too quick to dismiss?  Good business processes for your order processing?  A new accounting system?  A course in marketing for your business?  Even using a business coach perhaps!

Don’t knock it until you try it is a good motto to live with if you want to take your business to new levels of success.


  1. Paul Marsden on September 5th, 2008 at 7:46 am

    Hi Lee

    It’s quite a relief to find a useful business tool that I have beaten you to using.

    You might need to post an article at a later date though on how to not let it take over your life entirely!


  2. Lee on September 6th, 2008 at 5:14 pm


    Now you’ve humbled me – the idea that an accountant, of all people, could out-gadget me!

    Thanks for the idea though – maybe my next blog entry on time management will be “When To Turn Off Your Blackberry!”



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