The fastest way to get your business to the top of the search engines is to use pay-per-click advertising.  Since Google accounts for around 70% of all searches done online, the Google Adwords service is the obvious place to start.

Every day there are millions and millions of searches happening.  Just yesterday I was looking for a new home phone online, while my wife was looking for house insurance.  Ten years ago these would have been jobs for the Argos catalogue and Yellow Pages.

You can think of this horde of people doing searches as people queuing up to shop – but will it be your “shop” they’ll be standing outside?  You can make sure you attract people to your site by using Google’s Adwords service to put yourself on the first page of the search results.

And the great thing is that you only pay when somebody clicks on your advert – that’s why it’s called Pay Per Click advertising.  It’s neat, very measurable and very powerful.

If you need more leads and aren’t doing Adwords advertising, it’s an obvious strategy to explore.

Internet marketing for small businesses is the game-changing technology for success these days.  If you’re not doing Internet marketing, or have no plans to do it, you will be left behind.

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