Marketing should generate more leads, not just "get your name out".

You are bombarded every day with adverts, branding and logos – some studies say you get some kind of marketing in your face as many as 30,000 times each day.

As a result, you’ve become incredibly smart at avoiding ads.  The only ones that manage to break through a chink in your armour are the ads that interest you.

And of course, your customers are just as smart at avoiding your ads, too.

Just think for a moment how quickly you flip through a newspaper.  Most of us will spend no more than 10-30 minutes reading a newspaper.  Yet the typical copy of The Times is 75,000 words, excluding adverts. That’s the size of a novel…

This means you’re scanning through looking for things that interest you.  Everything else is ignored. And you’re really good at choosing what to read – you just pick the stuff that really stands out to you personally.

Now go take a look at the last advert you created – will it stand out because it presses some hot buttons for your customers, or do you just have your company name in big letters with a few bits of dull copy like this…

  • High quality
  • Friendly service
  • Free Quotes
  • More boring bullet points that everybody uses
  • Nobody’s reading adverts like this!

If we’re going to make your marketing produce leads, enquiries and sales we need to have a better strategy.  That’s where Core Marketing comes in, it’s my unique take on winning new business and hanging onto customers for life.

Core Marketing has five elements that we’ll cover together to create a lead generating machine for your business.

  • Niche Strategy identifies the perfect customers for your business and narrows down where we will find them in sufficient numbers to make it economically viable to go after them
  • Differentiation gives your business a real identity in the minds of your customers and gives them a clear reason to choose you and not your competitors
  • Marketing Channels will be chosen based on the niche we target together and will give you a robust marketing mix so you’re not relying on a single source for new customers
  • Marketing Loop keeps in touch with prospects and customers so that you can nurture a relationship with them until they’re ready to buy
  • Product Ladder is all about maximising the value of every lead – if you only sell them one product or service, you’re wasting a lot of money to win customers for just a single sale

Your Success Blueprint for Marketing

The Double Your Business System uses simple methods to tackle the big issues, we call these the Success Blueprints for your business.  The first step is to diagnose what is blocking your business from growth, including specifically what’s wrong with your marketing.

Sometimes the symptoms can be misleading and it’s important that we put the effort into the right part of your business.

For example, one client wanted to work with me on marketing, despite generating 10 times the average volume of leads per salesperson in his industry. When we looked closely at his Growth Barriers, it was obvious that we needed to improve his sales performance and not his lead generation.

Before you consider getting help with your marketing, start by understanding precisely what’s holding your business back – take the free Growth Barriers Diagnostic Test to see if marketing is really your key issue.