How To Sell – 4 Steps To Better Sales

Why are there so many books about selling, and how do they manage to be such thick volumes?  Selling has been made too complicated for too long by too many people.  It’s not that hard!  You just need to follow four simple steps…

Here’s a free sales training programme in 4 easy steps.  Read it and then figure out how apply this in your business.

First, let’s start with the idea that what you have to offer, your product or service, is something that people would genuinely want.  If you don’t believe it is, pack up and go home!  Successful selling, with integrity, starts with believing in your own products.

How To Sell Step 1 – Build Rapport…

Before somebody will buy from you, they need to feel like you care.  Spend a little time chatting with them and showing you’re human before you get into the sales talk proper. 

There’s a saying that people buy from people like them.  So to build rapport, make sure your body language mirrors theirs, don’t sit with your arms folded if they are open. 

If they’re quiet and softly spoken, don’t keep talking at volume 10 – turn it down a little, so that you "tune yourself" to their wavelength a bit.

How To Sell Step 2 – Learn What They Want…

Selling is all about filling a need or solving a problem.  If you don’t know what they need, how can you possibly help them find it? 

Spend time to ask them questions and dig into their reasons for wanting it.  Put yourself in their shoes by spending enough time to figure out what they want. 

You should talk for 50% of the time or less – maximum!  If you are talking, you have no idea what they want, because, and I know this to be true, you can’t read their minds, even if you think you can! 

You need to shut up, because if they’re talking, you can listen and find out what they really want. 

The key is patience – don’t rush to close the deal – investing time to understand their needs will reap bigger and better sales, stronger clients relationships and more referrals.

How To Sell Step 3 –  Present Your Solution…

Now you’ve taken the time to listen carefully to what they need, present your services or products in a way that demonstrates how they solve your client’s problem or needs.

Just be careful that, since I’m sure you love your services and products, that you don’t become over-enthusiastic and get caught up in the technical details of your product.  Make sure you talk in terms of meeting your customer’s needs, not just waffling on about how great your service is.

How To Sell Step 4 – Ask For The Sale!

This is really obvious.  It’s also the stage that many people in sales avoid doing!  But the payoff comes here so you must master it.

So rather than having to say, "do you want it?", find some alternatives that suit you and your products/services.

You could ask, "how would you prefer to pay?" or  "which colour would you like, the black or the red?", etc. 

When you give your clients a choice, they feel in control and not sold to.  You also don’t get to feel so uncomfortable with asking for the sale.

Further Learning

One of my personal favourites on selling is Brian Tracy’s Advanced Selling Strategies.  Although he’s American, he offers well-written and tested approaches to sales and is highly regarded as a business author.  I got his 6 CD set, "The Psychology of Selling", from Ebay a few years ago and it really made a difference to my sales.

On the other hand, if you prefer a short read, several of my clients rave about The Greatest Salesman In The World by Og Mandino.  It’s told in the form of a story and  teaches the practice of positive affirmations as a way to maintain a positive attitude and focus on your sales.

Sales Coaching

And that’s all there is to it.  Of course there is a lot more depth to this than I can cover in a blog posting, but this basic outline is the crux of successful selling.  If you do these 4 steps consistently in every sales meeting, with confidence, you will make more sales.

You will also make more long-term customers who know that you take the time to care about them.

If you’d like to learn more about selling, get in touch via my contact form and ask about my personalised sales training, covering each of these 4 steps in much more depth and giving you the chance to practice and learn how to boost your sales.