How To Recruit Top Sales People…

One day, there will be robots to do the tough jobs.  Imagine Eva – a real robot in the video below – handling your sales for you, saying the right things every time to make the sale…


She may be a bit slow to react at the moment, but she’ll be quicker with every new software and hardware upgrade!
So what’s so great about a robot for selling?  Well, she’ll always remember to build rapport, ask the right questions, present your products in the perfect way and ask for the sale.
Until then, of course, you need to find a better way to hire the right people.  In practice, a hiring mistake will cost you in the region of £12,000 to get the wrong salesperson if you keep them for just 3 months.
If you think this sounds an exaggeration, here’s how one of my successful clients calculated this cost for himself…
  • £2,000/month basic salary (including employer’s NI and other costs)
  • £1,000/month overhead costs (fair share of office, admin etc)
  • £1,000/month for lead generation.  That’s the telemarketing, advertising & other associated costs for getting enquiries that the salesperson takes on.
That’s a total of £4,000 each month, which is a pretty conservative estimate in most businesses.
So what if you knew there was a way to dramatically reduce hiring mistakes for sales people?  I’m going to tell you how.  The Flippen Profile has reviewed psychological profiles for thousands of sales people over the past 20 years and found that consistent top performers have 12 things in common with each other.
The tricky thing is spotting these high performer traits at interview.  You can’t do it easily with questioning, because they don’t reveal themselves easily.  However, you can get them to take a 15 minute profile that will give you a sense of whether they are ambitious and competitive enough to make the grade in your business.
One of my clients has used this method to help him spot winners quickly.  It’s also a great way to find areas for development in existing team members. 
His sales performance in September was his best month of the year and his whole team are "on fire" with sales now that he’s picked a team of winners.  Not bad for a recession, eh?
In my mind, business coaching is about helping you to succeed.  Picking great sales people is a powerful part of this.
As one of a handful of consultants trained to use Flippen Profile in the UK, contact me if you’d like more information about picking winners for your business.

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