Around 95% of sales people are not properly managed. Are yours?

The most important role a salesperson fulfils is to bring in more profit than their cost to the business. Practically every business, including yours, could make more money if every sales person followed the same simple rules.

Yet in most businesses, when a salesperson is recruited they are largely left to manage themselves. Or when you are the only sales person in your business, you don’t manage yourself properly so opportunities slip past unnoticed.

Sales people are rarely properly trained or given targets, their performance is not monitored and they get paid even when they don’t make sales.

As the business owner, you don’t get paid if your company doesn’t make sales, so why let the staff who are responsible for bringing the business in get away with it?

The Growth Blueprint To Increase Your Sales

Great sales performance needs the same things for every business. The Double Your Business method introduces five essential elements for your success as a salesperson and a sales manager…

  • Hire the right people with the right attitudes & train them properly
  • Customer Relationship Management system to keep track of your next actions with each prospect
  • Sales process that’s strictly followed to produce consistently good results
  • Targets for activity as well as results, with performance management to quickly weed out under achievement
  • Regular sales meetings to celebrate success, address issues, improve product knowledge and sales skills

Could Your Business Have A Bigger Problem?

Often a problem that appears to be sales related can be a symptom of problems elsewhere in your business. You can pinpoint the issues that are holding you back with the Growth Barriers Survey. Contact us today to take the complementary test.