The diagram gives an overview of how business coaching works.  It is a structured and powerful process to break you free of working IN your business through working effectively ON your business.

In theory, it’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3.  As your business coach it’s my role to make you aware of your real potential, to help you set stretching but achieveable goals, and to hold you accountable for taking action to achieve them. 

Along the way you’ll also get materials and support during our regular coaching sessions so that you can discover some powerful new ways of thinking about business and how to achieve real success.  Here’s the process in a bit more detail…

Business Coaching – Three Steps To Success…

1  You’ll be encouraged to dream big and clarify what you would ideally like to achieve out of life.  We do this first because we don’t want your business goals to pull you away from the life you really want. 

This is all about letting yourself dream so that you can imagine the life you’d really like to live, rather than putting up with what you’ve achieved so far.

2  Next we’ll spend time to understand your business and devise a strategy so that it can support your personal ambitions.  For some this is simply cutting working hours right back and having longer holidays.  For others it’s substantial growth in sales and profits.  Everybody has slightly different ambitions.

If you have partners in business, it’s really important that you are all in alignment with a common set of goals to eliminate any possible tensions and improve working relations.  This alone often increases productivity and sales substantially.

This stage results in the creation of a powerful, single page business plan with the buy-in of your company’s leadership.

We’ll be reviewing this plan regularly to make sure we’re on track to deliver your dreams

We meet every week to review your actions and to agree your next set of actions to move closer to your goals.  In this way, you’ll be held accountable on a weekly basis to get things done and you’ll be working on your business every single week for several hours, far more than the average owner/manager achieves.

Every three months we’ll review your strategic plan and set some new goals to keep you motivated and driven to succeed your ambitions.

Growth within 12 months of 30% is common, 300% not unusual…

It’s this combination of creating new possibilities for yourself, tied to real-world goal-setting and then taking actions that you’re accountable for, that will achieve incredible results in your business.

It’s very common for businesses to achieve growth of 30% within 12 months and often even more.  When you get clear about what you want, and have someone holding you accountable to drive towards it, you’ll savour the sweet taste of success faster than you can imagine.

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