4 Double Your Business books by Lee DuncanDouble Your Business: How To Break Through The Barriers To Higher Growth, Turnover And Profit explains how most businesses are held back by just one of a range of specific issues.

In my book, I describe it like a hot air balloon being tethered to the ground by a rope.

No matter how much gas you burn to try and make the balloon go higher, the rope will hold it back.

In just the same way, a business with slick customer service and operations might be held back by a lack of new sales.

Or a business with fantastic sales that keeps letting customers down will fail to grow because customers keep leaving.

Fix the core problem, the Barrier to Growth, in each of these cases and the businesses will soar.

The Seven Areas of Business Nobody Taught You…

You can consider your business to have seven essential areas to master, as well as whatever your trade skills happen to be.

So for example an electrician needs to know his wiring and design.  But to build a real business, he also needs to know the same things as a butcher, an accountant or a specialist engineering company.

The seven essential areas are:

  • Self-Mastery.  Your personal drive, your time management and your personal network
  • Financial Management.  Keeping on top of cash-flow, profitability, financial plans and your overall business model
  • Leadership, Management and Team-Building.  Set a clear direction, recruit and inspire some great employees and build them into a high-performing team.
  • Marketing and Lead Generation.  Understand how to develop your marketplace presence and attract a constant flow of high quality customers.
  • Sales and Sales Management.  Master your sales process to consistently produce results and learn how to drive the performance of your sales team.
  • Systemisation of Your Operations.  Streamline operations and eliminate chaos by systemising operational decisions and activities to run your business.
  • Peaks of Customer Service.  Introduce carefully designed high points in your service to delight and entertain your customers so that they will remain loyal and tell their friends about you.

Double Your Business introduces these ideas, drawn from the past decade of helping small businesses like yours to grow.

No Magic Bullets

It is important to state that the book does not give you a magic bullet to succeed.

There are no short-cuts to making your millions in business.

But it does provide a wealth of straightforward, practical advice to show you how to increase profit, improve your business and life as a business owner.

Sometimes people get lucky, but even the lucky ones work very hard to produce the results they get.

The strategies in this book take effort and determination to implement.

The single biggest lesson to take from any expert in business is that reading or learning aren’t the secret to success – you have to implement if you want to get results.

Reading stuff, thinking about strategies, coming up with great product ideas are all useless if the knowledge gained is not turned into something tangible through action.

Buy The Book

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