Communism, Business Plans & Free Business Resources

In communist Russia during the cold war, the Government would create a 5 year plan for the country that was their blueprint for producing food, employment, clothing, housing and everything else that goes into running a country effectively.

Sadly it didn’t work.  No amount of brilliant thinking can forecast a terribly cold winter, an explosion in a factory or the bringing down of the Berlin Wall.  There were constant stories of food shortages and queues hundreds of people long outside empty bakers’ stores, while there were enough new boots manufactured for half the world. 

Their strategic plan couldn’t keep up with the demands of an ever changing world throwing its random events in the way of imperfect planning.  As a business coach, the Soviet Bloc would have driven me insane – so many wasted resources and opportunities.

This is precisely the problem for you in business.  How can you write a business plan that gets you going in the right direction without tying your hands together when the unexpected happens?

Over the past month I’ve written a free guide to writing a business plan that you can download from my site.  It’s not just any old business plan you will create, it’s specifically designed to help you get more done in less time and deliver faster growth than you’ve previously experienced.  You’ll just need to put in your email address to get it sent straight to you.  Let me know what you think.

There’s also a new section on the site called Free Stuff where you will find things useful to you and your business, including the fast growth business plan template and a link to the free accounting software.

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