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The Cash Map FormulaTM

The Cash Map Formula™ is a powerful business tool for business owners to plan sales and profit growth.

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Numbers are the heart of your business. The Cash Map is a simple plan to change the numbers in your business for better sales and profit…

  • Learn to manage the 6 different factors that work together to create total sales and profit for your business (page 3)
  • The simple one-line formula that you calculate every three months to drive more sales and increase profit (page 4) 
  • Use the easy yet powerful planning tool to set and achieve  your financial goals for your business (page 5)
  • Gain a deeper understanding of your business finance and establish more financial control.
  • How to grow in small steps towards a big goal.
cash-map-mockup-hub business coach Lee Duncan

Hi! My name is Lee Duncan

I help successful business owners who find themselves stuck with flat-lined growth, working flat-out with too little free time for themselves, or are at risk of becoming a ‘busy fool’ – working too hard for too little in return.

I help them to grow their business by increasing profitability and cash flow, producing more enquiries and improving sales, and optimising the way their businesses work so they make more money with less effort and drama.

My best-selling book, Double Your Business, was published in 2012 by Financial Times and was the WH Smith Business Book Of The Month.