Business Vision – Fighting The Dream Stealers…

I turned on the tv one evening last week to chill out with a good film.  What I saw was applicable to writing a business vision statement.

It really inspired me and I need to tell somebody about it!  The film told the story of a boy growing up in a coal-mining town in America during the 1950’s who dared to dream of a better life for himself.  At the time it was taken for granted that all boys growing up in the town would become coal miners.  What makes it brilliant is that it is a true story…Business Vision

Homer Hickam, son of a coal-miner father, was so inspired by the launch of Sputnik 1 that he decided to build his own rockets.  He set his heart on winning a science fair that would grant him a scholarship to pay for him to go to university.  Almost nobody believed in him and many ridiculed his dream.  His head teacher, his father, many of his friends and other people besides.  These were people that children look up to and admire.  As I watched it, I realised that they were trying to steal his dream away from him to let him have a “secure” future in the coal-mine instead.

Ultimately Homer’s passion wins through – he learns advanced mathematics for fun because he needs to know for his rocketeering.  A great quote that sums up what I am trying to say comes from Homer’s teacher in the movie, helping him to deal with his dream stealers, “Sometimes, you just can’t listen to what anybody else says.  You just got to listen inside”.

I recommend you find the time to watch this film, October Sky, to think about your own past and who tried to steal your dreams.  Maybe even now somebody puts the dampers on things whenever you dare to dream big.  Also, remember that there are people who look up to you too – make sure you don’t try to take their dreams away!

I believe that passion brings us alive and helps us to fly.  It is very hard to stay positive and stick at something for years unless you feel good about it.  Too many times in life we are guided by principles and advice to take the sensible route, rather than listening to our heart.  In business vision statement examples you’ll read how several major businesses created a sense of purpose for themselves with powerful vision statements.

If you are not enjoying your business, it will be very hard to make it into something special.  Take a step back and decide what you really want from it, what you enjoy, or could enjoy if there were no major niggles.  Read how to create a business vision to find something in your business that excites you and gives you energy and life.  In doing this you will start to connect to a more enjoyable and successful future.

If you used to have passion but it’s gone, it is time to relight your fire.  It is easy to become worn down by the daily grind and if this is you, decide to sort out the things that are making it a grind.  This will create space again for your passion.  If you recognise that you are just going through the motions these days, decide to change things for the better, starting today.

It’s clear that some people in life can just see an idea and run with it.  If that’s you, please post a comment on the blog about how you got your passion back.

For the rest of us, we need somebody to help us get the process going and keep us on track.  That’s what I do – contact me to find out how to awaken your dreams again – it is never too late to let your dreams fly.

Do you have a favourite inspiring movie?  Tell me about it in the comments section…

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