Business Success Tips From TV


There’s no shortage now of TV programmes to watch and learn about business development.  In the last week alone, there’s been…

  • All Over The Shop with Geoff Burch on BBC2, where a business coach helps retailers in various cities to improve their shops and hopefully increase sales
  • The final show of Natural Born Sellers with John Caudwell on ITV, in a show-down to pick the top salesperson after a series that had them selling furniture, hot-tubs, double glazing and finally shares in a racehorse
  • Dragons’ Den, now staple watching for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs everywhere
  • Neil Morrissey’s Risky Business on C4 – or as the Daily Telegraph prefers, “Men Brewing Badly” – a documentary about actor Neil Morrissey’s move into the pub and brewing game with friend and business partner Richard Fox

I’m sure I must have missed a few out – Business TV makes compelling viewing for me, and obviously thousands of others judging by the popularity of the shows.

I’ve got to say though, that Morrissey Fox beers have an uphill battle, even though they’ve won over Tesco’s for a national launch in 500 stores.  Unless they work hard at building their brand into a respected beer with real credibility, the free PR they’re getting now will serve to help them sell a lot of beer at launch before they disappear into the history books as a fad.

Still, it made fun viewing and I shall certainly be watching further episodes if they’re forthcoming.

Make a point of singling out a show to watch and pick up a tip or two that you can use in your own business.  Just having a better attitude towards your customers than Morrissey & Fox have would be a great thought to take away, if nothing else!


  1. John Gray on December 30th, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    Hi Lee,
    I highly recommend Robert Ashtons programme that has just started on the Business Channel-well worth a look.


  2. Lee on December 31st, 2008 at 9:52 am

    Hi John,

    Thanks for this, I’ll take a look at that one. I always like to find new inspiration, ideas and examples.



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