Business Coaching – Success In Small Steps

You might wonder exactly what business coaching is and how it can help your business. 

You might even scoff at the thought of there being a magic bullet that can solve all of your business challenges, and you would be right.  There is no magic bullet – you need to do lots of small things that all add up to big results.

This week, one of my clients added around 10% to his weekly profits from a single strategy we introduced to his business.  The change was something that took just an hour to make – a carefully organised price increase to maximise his margins without killing his sales.

Business Coaching Gives You A Clear Plan

We also created a clear plan with 5 additional strategies for his business that he will introduce over the next three months.  By the time we get to November, his goal is to increase sales by around 25%.

Working with a three month plan, with clear goals and an action plan could make the same kinds of improvements to your business.  Over the course of a year, these small changes add together to give you big results. 

This is the secret of business coaching – it’s about lots of small changes, not about a magic bullet that suddenly solves everything.

As your business coach, I meet with you regularly to plan your strategies with you, to review your results and to help you put in place the right things to get your business to the next level.  While doing this, it’s not unusual for you to sweat a little about changes –  imagine my client in this story as he worried whether or not people would complain about the price change!  Having me there to help him through it, to help him find a way to test the idea out and to give him the confidence that it will work, makes all the difference.

Coaching Overcomes Uncertainty

So coaching, as well as giving you strategies for growth, is about helping you overcome uncertainty and personal constraints to change the things that are holding you back. 

Nina, another client, once said "While we’re working a lot on the business, a lot of what we do is actually about changing me, isn’t it?".  She was right.  She was able to cut her working hours from 100 a week to 48, fix a load of stressful problems and make around 25% more at the same time.  Nina had to change in order to make the changes successful, and she did.

Working with a business coach gives you an outside perspective on your business and helps you to focus on the elements of your business that need to change to get the results you want.  While this is normally more sales and profits, it can also be less hassle with your team and more balance in your life, with fewer hours at work and more time with your family and friends.

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