The Double Your Business Coaching Method offers you a simple, fast-acting way to get your business growing. It is straightforward and very effective.

The idea is simplicity itself – to help you grow a far more profitable business that doesn’t need you there every minute of every day. Get it right and you end up wealthier and have more time to enjoy life, rather than suffering tedious long days and hassles from your staff, bank manager, late payers and awkward customers.

It does this by giving you the core elements of fast-growth businesses, without fuss and complication. Too many people have made business too complicated – this approach puts you back in the driving seat.

It is available exclusively from The Double Your Business Coach, Lee Duncan.

The Two Sides To Growing Your Business

In business there are really only two things you need to get right, your business growth engine and your business command and control system.

You need to focus on your Business Growth Engine to tackle these problems…

  • You want to generate more enquries and hot leads
  • You can’t convert leads into sales
  • You don’t quite know where your going in business anymore
  • You struggle to motivate your staff, they work 9-5 but that’s it
  • You’d like more customer referrals but don’t know how to get them

Meanwhile, the solutions to the problems below lie in your Business Command & Control System

  • Working long hours, typically 10+ hours/day and sometimes at weekends
  • Can only take short holidays – 7 days or less, or it grinds to a halt
  • You’re really busy, but there doesn’t seem to be much profit to show for it
  • Cashflow is constantly tight, regardless of sales
  • You spend a lot of time fire-fighting or answering questions, instead of developing your business

Let’s explore each side of your business growth in more detail…

The Business Growth Engine

Every fast growth business needs some way to increase sales, consistently. If you can’t reliably bring in more business, month after month, you have a stagnant or steady-state business.

In Double Your Business Coaching, the answer to this is the Growth Engine. It’s a combination of three elements that come together in a powerful combination to get big results.

  1. Core Leadership– Every ship needs a captain, and for your business, that’s you. The Leadership element will hone your skills in a way that’s tailored specifically for rapid business growth.That means we’ll spend time on areas including…
    • A strong and compelling business vision that will super-motivate you and your team.
    • Design a special level of customer service that we call Peak Service. It’s designed to help you create 5 Star quality service on a 1 Star budget, delighting your customers and your accountant all at once!
    • The secret of Zapping your team to motivate them beyond to be more committed, loyal and devoted to success for your business
    • Simple secrets of time management to become more effective and organised than you ever imagined possible.
  2. Core Marketing– With over 142,000 books available from Amazon’s online book shop with the word Marketing in the title, you need somebody to take the mystery out of it for you. That’s precisely what the Core Marketing element of the Double Your Business Coaching System does for you, giving five simple steps that together will help you to…
    • The knowledge of exactly where to find the most eager customers who want to buy from you
    • The power to make your customers choose your business instead of your competitors, so you keep growing sales and profits
    • A list of 132 different marketing channels that you can use to find new customers for your business
    • Smart methods to build strong relationships with customers – before and after they buy – so they remain loyal to your business and increase their spend over the years with you
    • Identify new product ideas that your customers already want, but can’t get from you – do you really want them going elsewhere?
  3. Core Sales– It’s quite possible to double your sales, whether you are the only sales person or if you’ve got a team, when you apply the principles of top sales teams…
    • The essential psychology of top performing sales people – your sales recruitment will never be the same again and we can use it to understand how to accelerate the sales of your current sales team too.
    • Customer Relationship Management – the secret technology used by only a small percentage of firms that will help you keep on top of your sales team, warm up prospects until they’re red-hot and ready to buy, and figure out where many lost leads disappear.
    • Revamp your sales techniques to use a simple proven sales process to transform sales meetings so that you cut out those horrible meetings that end with “Let me think about it” and transform them into “Yes please!”
    • Activity Management – If you’ve found that sales targets don’t seem to produce the results you want, you’re going to love Activity Targets that are carefully created for your team to make them produce the sales you know they’re capable of, but for some reason never deliver.

Your Business Command And Control System

Consider for a moment the challenges facing a top entrepreneur like Duncan Bannatyne. This man has countless business interests and something could go wrong in any one of them at any time.

According to the Bannatyne’s Health Club website, they have over 60 sites. So how does he stay on top of what’s happening in every one of those places, and how does he make a change ripple quickly through to all of these places? He needs some sort of reporting so that he can track what’s going on and he needs procedures (his systems) for his staff to follow.

In the Double Your Business System, the Command & Control System is divided into three parts…

  1. Core Team– People management is a critical part of your business. A well-chosen team of motivated, talented people can help you to deliver extraordinary results. Yet it’s so easy to end with lack-lustre employees who only seem to turn up because they’re getting paid. Here are some of the benefits you’ll get from Core Team…
    • Key management skills that get employees to be more engaged in the business, earn you more respect from your staff and reduce your stress levels
    • A business plan that your team actually help you create – so they commit to take action and deliver results, making your life far easier
    • A simple method to keep the team up to date on a regular basis, and to keep you informed of anything that might get in the way of your progress
    • A recruitment and selection strategy that will bring top talent into your business, with profiling to keep the duff employees away
    • The truth about money and motivation, plus a great approach to rewarding your staff so that they’re as committed as you ar
  2. Core Systems– Bannatyne’s can run so effectively because every centre has the same procedures and technology. No drama, no fuss – just simple, effective systems and processes that get the job done, profitably. Here are a few of the benefits you can expect from Core Systems…
    • Quick fixes to routine problems – so you can spend more time working ON your business instead of working IN your business
    • What to measure in your business, and how to measure it, so that you can quickly see how well your business is working, plus what questions to ask when things aren’t right
    • A culture of improvement, so your staff will actually improve your business for you, on their own, because that’s what great business systems do…
  3. Core Finance– Running a business is ultimately all about making money. That’s the sole purpose of your business – to provide you with a solid income and a nest-egg when you sell the business. Core Finance covers…
    • Cashflow Improvement – if you’ve got late payers or other cashflow problems in a profitable business, there are a bunch of things we can do to get more money to stay for longer in your bank account.
    • Profitability Control – a simple approach to help you understand where the profit is going, to help you take more out of the business rather than letting it leak away to hidden costs
    • Exit Planning – More than simply getting a valuation on the business, you want to make sure that your business is structured to maximise its sale value. The whole Double Your Business Coaching System is designed to get your business working effectively even when you’re not there – so that you can sell the business for maximum value without the buyer needing to keep you there forever.

Core Coaching

To keep you on track to success while building your Growth Engine and Command & Control System, you need accountability. That means somebody to hold you to account and make sure you take action. You’ll also want guidance and support to put these changes into place in your business, as you want to get the results fast.

This is because it’s very easy to get distracted by the urgency of day to day matters. But if you don’t work ON your business, you’ll never improve it. That’s what the Core Coaching element is for, it’s the system that guides me to help you grow your business.

The Double Your Business Coaching System was developed after one of Lee Duncan’s clients started calling him The Double Your Business Coach.

It is the key elements that have helped countless businesses to achieve growth of 30%-500% in the past decade when working with Lee. For a confidential chat about how this system can help your business, call Lee’s office on 01480 370142.