On this page you’ll find some client success stories that clients have given permission to be published. For some reason, certain clients like to keep their business coaching a secret that’s hidden from public view, perhaps so their competitors don’t get to hear about me.

Here are some short case-studies and examples of the kinds of results that clients have achieved using my unique Double Your Business methods, plus a few other tricks besides.

Some of these links go to other pages on the site, while many open up PDF files in a new window showing a single-page case study of the positive impact made by Double Your Business Coaching.

Travel Agency/Tour Operator Adds Millions In 12 Months

Travel Agent Business Advice Case Study – Airworld Tours doubled their business in a year – and they already had a turnover in the millions – read more here about how their business was caught in a perfect storm of problems…

Lettings Agency Grows 400% In Two Years

Property Rentals Business Advice Case Study – doubled two years running – that’s right – they grew to 4 times their original size – from around 100 properties to over 420 properties managed within just 2 years.

Mortgage Broker Achieves Over 5 Times Growth

Mortgage Broker Business Advice Case Study – ambitious local mortgage broker used a niche strategy with Google Adwords to go national and grow from 30 mortgages per month to over 150 mortgages a month.

Call Answering Service Doubles In 2 Years

Call Centre Business Advice Case Study – the owner was working long hours and growth was relatively slow. We helped her to cut her working hours in half and to double the turnover in two years.

Small Leaflet Delivery Company Multiplies Turnover

Leaflet Delivery Business Advice Case Study – this very straightforward business achieved double sales within a few months and now trades well above those levels.

Private Optician Achieves Triple Average Glasses Sale Value

This optician, a former member of Chris Cardell Marketing Club – this optician now attracts very high value sales using the simple 5 steps techniques. It took a little bit of adapting to make it work, but they’re operating very effectively indeed to help him increase average sale values to £600+ by targetting the higher end of the market.

IT Company Grows & Wins Best Small Business Award

IT Company Business Coaching – grew substantially and won a Small Business of the Year Award in recognition of their growth and the positive culture and vision they have for their future.

Small Restaurant Gets Busy – Even On Mid-Week Evenings

Restaurant/Bistro Marketing Case Study – this small restaurant in the North East grew revenues by 66% in less than 12 months using the Double Your Business coaching methods.