Business by referral

In the last few days I came across some truly excellent articles that give you a system for improving your referrals from customers at the Citywire blog site.

The best article on referrals that I found, which really made me sit up and pay attention, starts with a questionnaire about what you currently have in place for generating referrals.  You just have to go and do this questionnaire.  It opened my eyes to some great new things you can do for word of mouth marketing.

I don’t mind admitting that didn’t score anywhere near as high as I would have liked and so I’ll be taking some steps to fix that in the next couple of weeks!

There is also an excellent book on this topic by Tim Templeton.  From the same stable as the One Minute Manager series of books, I like this book a lot because it has a practical system inside it that you can copy to generate more referrals for yourself.  I’ve added this to my library listing to give you a bit more to consider when adding oomph to your word of mouth approach.

What I like about both of these sources I mention above is that they don’t depend upon you being a member of a networking referrals meeting.  Instead, they are about the relationships you create and maintain with your contacts and how you can get the best out of them by planning to get a business referral from the outset.

Imagine if every one of your clients, on average, brought you another one client as a referral.  How sweet would that be in terms of growing your business without the need for a big marketing budget?  While I’ve been fortunate to meet many clients through referral, I know that I could do a lot more and this has given me the impetus to take action and put something solid in place.

Oh, on the topic of referrals, if you find my blog postings useful, please do tell a friend about me

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