Here’s the second reason that so few people manage to create the best small business marketing.  In this post I’m going to explain why so much advertising done by small businesses ends up in the waste paper basket.  It’s because you give your potential customers no reason to call!

Just take a moment to think about the last advert you saw that made you take action.  It might have been a “2 for 1” meal offer at a favourite restaurant, or a “buy 1 get 1 free” offer.  These are strong offers because you are getting twice the goods as normal.  Hey, 50% off is enough to excite a few people!  But even with this, if you haven’t got the right market you will be missing a big trick.

When you think about your own advertising, how exciting does it get for your customers?  If you, like me, need something quite special before you’ll respond then you will start to realise that your own advertising is not cutting the mustard.

Spice it up, add some “zing!” and punch to it that makes people go “WOW!”

The zing and the punch aren’t about writing pushy “Buy NOW!!!!!” kind of statements, it’s much more tangible than that.  You need to give them a reason to call or email you.  Something that gets them reaching for their phones and wanting to do business, something that excites them and gives them a feeling that they need to do something right away.

The first option most people in business think of doing is giving a discount.  But there’s a big problem with discounts – it carves a great lump out of your profit because you still have all the cost for delivering the service.

But there is a better way – if you can offer something of value to your clients that doesn’t have a big cost attached to it, then you win and your customers win.

Aha, I hear you say, you want something practical to use.  OK, well in the last blog entry I did I talked about a few businesses, so let’s carry those examples over here again…

– The restaurant with the quiet Tuesday nights – the offer is 2 meals for the price of 1.  You could also offer “Everything you can eat, pay only £20 for 2” etc.  These are the kinds of deals that clearly work because we see them repeated by the large chains.  There is nothing to stop smaller businesses copying these tactics too.

– The dry-cleaner that needs more customers in summer – the offer here was free dry cleaning for each new item bought in a shop.  So how can you give something away for free and still make money?  Just think back to the last time you went to the dry cleaner – how many items did you take?  Most people will take at least 2-3 items for dry cleaning each time and will go back every month or two.  The value of winning a new customer is enormous.

OK, I’ll let you work out for yourself what the offers would need to be for the engineering company and the landscape gardener, but hopefully you understand the importance of having a strong offer.

As a finishing thought, I’m looking around at the moment for a new mobile phone deal.  I have looked at the available offers and been amazed by what some companies will give.  There are free iPod’s, XBox360’s and other toys to appeal to the gadget freak in me.  These are all helping people to get over the hurdle of “where do I buy from” and move to pick up the phone to order.

Take a look at your own marketing to find out what offer you’ve got.

And here’s an offer for you – if you are a UK based business, send me a copy of your marketing and I’ll do you a FREE critique of it, using my own 9-point checklist I will give you feedback about where your marketing can be improved…

How to create the best small business marketing

If you, like me, enjoy knowing how to improve your business (well why else would we meet here!), send your advert to me at and I’ll give you a 9 point blow-by-blow review that will tell you where your advert needs improving and give you some tips to do it.  The fastest way to better results is to work with an expert – let me review your marketing and you can do something special with it.

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