In this short video I’m going to use a prop – a piece of 2×4 oak in fact – to illustrate the importance of customer service.

[00:00:16] So, what’s this piece of timber got to do with a customer service experience? Well, last weekend, I had to nip to the timber merchants to buy some timber. I wanted a 7-foot piece of oak, 4” x 2”, doesn’t really matter the size but you know it’s sticking (sticking) out in my mind. And when I went to get it, I was slightly fearful of the experience I was going to have because I’ve had so many uncomfortable experiences in timber merchants and other builders merchants over many years. I’m a bit of a DIY’er – I like doing things with my hands, and so it gives me a break I guess from doing things with my head all the time.

And it was such a nice experience then, to go into a place called Vardan Timber and to have a really lovely customer experience that looks after me, they ask me exactly what I wanted, they warned me that it was quite expensive, “oak isn’t cheap wood”, and they really looked after me including carrying the timber to my car to help me load it. Now I don’t know about you but for me, if I go to a place like that I want to keep going back and in fact, I’m telling thousands of people in this video that I’ve been there which is a tremendous advert for them but more importantly it’s an advert for great service.

[00:01:36] If we could look at our own service through the eyes of our customers, would we see a fabulous experience or would we see something that actually leaves them feeling somehow unhappy, dissatisfied, or even uncomfortable? Certainly, when I’ve had a lot of tradesmen coming in to do work on my house, I’ve been left feeling uncomfortable about the way they’re treating the house or the way they’re behaving towards me or my family. And I think that’s a really poor thing for them to do. And in fact so poor that I ended up not using the same tradesmen when I’ve seen that happen. And I think this is such an important lesson that we can all take away.

[00:02:16] So I want you to think about what’s the experience your client is having with your business. We all like to think we give marvelous service but when it boils down to it, most service is actually pretty average. What would be exceptional business, an exceptional service in your line of work? And how much effort really would it take to shift your service up from average to rock solid, much better than average?

[00:02:44] I’m Lee Duncan, the Double Your Business coach. Let me know what you think about the way this could impact on your service in the comments below.

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